Work from Home – Online Job Scams – Beware or you might fall prey to these predators!!!

Beware or you might fall prey to these predators!!!

Work From Home

Working from home is not easy like many websites make it out to be.

There are certain skills required to be successful at any career. This is true of working at home as well. Skills such as customer service, copy editing, writing, web design, SEO, transcription, typing, and data entry.


Finding a company that offers legitimate work can also be difficult, rather, it is indeed very difficult !!

Many websites allow companies to post up job listings, many of these listings are for companies seeking work-at-home opportunists.


Scams are a big concern for those wishing to work from home.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies claiming that a person can make 2000 – 5000, a day or 50,000 – 80,000 a month or even more, plus many other lucrative offers by working at home, posting links, and so on……

Most of such companies will first want you to pay for registration, equipment, or a book that will list ways to make money from the internet, the key element in working from home is motivation unlike working in an office, working at home is not demanding, time schedules are flexible, and there are many other distractions……..

but as a matter of fact most of these ads are all scams.

Here’s one example how these scams work

Online Ad Posting Scam!

First you will be asked for a registration fees.

Then they give you a demo to post an ad which will be very smoothly done & in quick & easy manner….

Sometimes they make you post the ads for their own company to attract more people to fall prey !!!

But it is when you start to work the procedure gets  complicated.

#First of all the data which they provide will make you take 10 to 15 min or even more for each post you make.

#Normally it shouldn’t take more than a minute.

#90% of websites they give you to post ad’s, you won’t even be able to post any.

#If somenody complains too much that they are not able to post any ad or that it takes a lot of time to post a single ad then they might just give you few of the ones that are legit & where you are quickly able to post an ad, this is the same data that they use while giving you a demo to post.

#Then they ask you to submit the work done in excel format with website’s address, ad post Id which is ok but they also ask you to provide the usernames & passwords for the accounts that you made to post all your ad’s so that they may login onto most of those websites on which you made ad postings simply to manipulate your work that it gets rejected during the quality check or they simply delete most of the posting’s done by you.

#Upon submission of whatever work done within the stipulated time period
then comes the QC check, first of all they take a lot of time to generate the Quality Check Report.

#Now since your work has been manipulated hence here is what you get –

1) Improper folder submission

2) Extra Enter Found

3) Red and Green line not Removed

4) Work Not submitted in given mail, these will just not make any sense to you.

5) Too low quality

6) Accuracy too low

At the end you get nothing or a little more than nothing for all your hard work & labour !!!

And then when you decide to quit & claim your registration fee they simply will stop communicating with you & you realize that you have been duped !!!!!

So there is no need to pay for such ad posting or data entry jobs, any kind of company asking for any deposits or registration fee for online jobs to work from home are 100% fraudulent !!


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