How to Identify Fake and fraudulent e-mails !!!



Email forging is a method to send any email showing their email address without signing in on email account.

Many e-mail viruses use a technique known as “Spoofing” by which the worm randomly selects an address it finds on an infected computer.
The worm uses this address as the”Form” address when it performs its mass-mailing routine. Numerous cases have been reported in which users of uninfected computers recieved complaints that they sent an infected message to another individual.

How it works?

The Simple mail Transfer Potocol or the SMTP is the facto standard protocol that is used by e-mail clients on the Internet.
It is the protocol that defines how e-mail clients communicate with the mail servers to send e-mails.
This protocol is used by the SMTP daemon that by default runs on Port 25 of a mail server. Each time a user writes an e-mail and Clicks on the SEND button, the e-mail client automatically issues SMTP commands to the remote mail server and sends the specified message.

Unfortunately, the SMTP protocol also makes extremely easy for an attacker to send forged e-mails to remote user.
It is possible for a user to connect manually to the SMTP port25 of a remote mail server and use SMTP commands to send forged e-mails.

Well nowadays there are online E-mail Spoofing sites such as

(http:// #######################  ) to send forged e-mails.


1) Do not reply to such kinds of e-mail provoking you to give your personal information.
2) Delete the e-mail as soon as you recieve them.

How to Identify Fake & fraudulent e-mails !!!

Mentioned below are some tips to detect fake/fraud/spam mails.

1. Suppose you are the receiver. Now, to recognize this mail as fake. Open the email and hit on “Show Details”.

2. Something you must know:

Whenever Google sends you any email, the email details will contain fields like:

– Mailed by
– Signed by (optional)

Also, most of the times, “Mailed by” field will have value:

* or

depending on the type of your mail. This is true for every genuine email from every mail provider.

3. But, these two fields will not be present in the details of Fake Mail. Also, if the mail details contain these fields, the value of these fields will not be *

Fake Mail without “Mailed by” field:

Fake Mail with “Mailed by” field.

As you can see, the “mailed by” field shows the hosting server’s name and not the Google server. This means, this server is used to send you the fake email and most probably, the fake mailer is hosted on the same server.

You can also check out the header field to detect fake mails. Follow the steps:

– Open the mail. Hit on down arrow next to “Reply” and click on “Show Original”.

– Now, check out “Received” fields. This field will show you the name of server from which the mail is sent. As you can see, we have used “” as our fake mailer. So, it has appeared in “Received” field.

More Tips:

– Fake Mail usually have attractive titles.
– Such mails address receiver as “Dear Customer” or such and do not use your real name.
– Never click on any link in emails. Instead, open such links manually in new tab.

Follow these tips and you will be able to recognize fake, spoof, spam emails.

If you know any other useful tip to detect fake or spam emails, please share it with us in comments.

Be Aware & Stay Safe


Hemant Khurana


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