A story inspired by Bant Singh, a victim of racism,

This story is inspired from Bant Singh

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This story is inspired by Bant Singh. Balbir, a victim of racism, gets the teachers suspended, who refused to teach his daughter, Renuka. The headman of his village gets Renuka molested by his men to teach him a lesson. Balbir brings them to justice, with help from the police. The goons of the headman beat Balbir cruelly. The doctor cuts Balbir's hands and a leg to save him. But, Balbir does not give up. He conveys his message through the media that people should not tolerate such atrocities.

Bant Singh is a lower caste Mazhabi, Dalit Sikh farmer and singer from the Jhabhar village in Mansa district, Punjab, India, who has emerged as an agricultural labour activist, fighting against the power of the landowner. Described by Amit Sengupta as "an icon of Dalit resistance" he has been active in organizing poor, agricultural workers, activism that continues despite a 2006 attack that cost him both of his lower arms and his left leg."
After his minor daughter was raped by some powerful men in 2000, he dared take them to court, an unusual occurrence when a Dalit is raped by a non-Dalit, braving threats of violence and attempted bribes. The trial culminated in life sentences for three of the culprits in 2004, "the first time that a Dalit from the region who had complained against upper-caste violence had managed to secure a conviction."
On the evening of January 7, 2006 Bant Singh was returning home through some wheat fields. He had just been campaigning for a national agricultural labour rally to be held in Andhra Pradesh in January. He was suddenly waylaid by a gang of seven men, suspected to be sent by Jaswant and Niranjan Singh, the current and former headmen of his village who have links with the Indian National Congress party. One of them brandished a revolver to prevent any resistance while the other six set upon him with iron rods and axes beating him to pulp.
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True – Hero – Fight for Justice by A victim of child marriage



Nalini becomes a graduate though being a victim of child marriage

Telecast Date: 04 Mar 2013
Nalini’s parents get her married to Vijay at the age of 14. Nalini requests Vijay to let her study, but in vain. She gives birth to a baby at the age of 16. Later, she brings Vijay to justice for torturing her and gets divorced. Nalini works as an accountant and completes her graduation before passing a competitive exam. But, she is denied a job for getting married at a minor age. She fights for justice



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Grace Nirmala – A True Hero – who fought to abolish this heinous practice of JoginiSystem !

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Grace Nirmala – A True Hero – who fought to abolish this heinous practice of JoginiSystem ! A cruel and medieval tradition of poor Dalit girls, forcefully married off to the village deity and then sexually abused by the men … Continue reading