MY GURU – Shri Shirdi SaiBaba.

As in the words of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba,

“Ishwar, Allah, Wahe guru, Chahe kaho Sri Ram,
malik sabka ek hai, alag alag hai naam”

The same lines further in simpler words mean- god is one and lets not fight on the name of religion.

Sai Baba of Shirdi (Unknown – October 15, 1918), also known as Shirdi Sai Baba (Marathi: शिर्डीचे श्री साईबाबा, Urdu: شردی سائیں بابا), was an Indian guru, yogi, and fakir who is regarded by his Hindu and Muslim devotees as a saint. Hindu devotees consider him an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. Many devotees believe that he was a Satguru, an enlightened Sufi Pir (Urdu: پیر), or a Qutub. He is a well-known figure in many parts of the world, but especially in India, where he is much revered.

Sai baba

Life of Shirdi Saibaba

Shri Saibaba of Shirdi lived between 1838 and 1918, whose real name, birthplace and date of birth are not known. An Indian spiritual guru and a fakir that transcended the barriers of religions, Saibaba of Shirdi was regarded with great reverence by both Hindu and Muslim followers. He lived in a mosque and after death his body was cremated in a temple.

Shirdi Sai sitting near Dhuni

His philosophy ingrained ‘Shraddha’ meaning faith and ‘Saburi’ meaning compassion. According to him Shraddha and Saburi were the supreme attributes to reach the state of godliness.

It is believed that at a tender age of 16 yrs Shri Saibaba arrived at the village of Shirdi in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra and remained their till his death. He found shelter in Khandoba temple, where a villager Mahalsapathi in the temple addressed him as Sai or Saint.

Saibaba of Shirdi lived an extremely simple and austere life, sleeping on the floor of temple and later taking a ruined mosque as his shelter. With his arrival to Shirdi, in no time he began exhibiting a hypnotic attraction among people as they began flocking to him. He is attributed many miracles doing things that were beyond a mortal’s power. He never discouraged these attributes and soon his fame spread like wild fire. Many pilgrims came seeking his blessings. Such was his hypnotism that even the mundane of his activities attracted large crowds.

"Sab Ka Malik Ek"

Popular among both Hindus and Muslims, Shri Saibaba became a great building force between the two disparate communities. He regularly recited Hindu and Muslim prayers. His Hindu followers considered him to be an avatar or reincarnation of Shiva and Dattatreya. Sai Baba did not leave any written works. All his teachings were oral and catchy. His sayings were short, crisp and in layman language with which the common mass could easily associate.

Saibaba encouraged charity and said, “Unless there is some relationship or connection, nobody goes anywhere. If any men or creatures come to you, do not discourteously drive them away, but receive them well and treat them with due respect.”

Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi was unique in the sense that he lived his message through the essence of his being. He lived among the common people adorning a torn kafni (long robe), sleeping over a mat while using brick as his headrest and got his food by begging. Such was his smile that radiated a mystical charisma and deep seated inward look that hypnotized the people who visited him.


His most concise message for one and all alike was “Why fear when I am here”.
Saibaba said that he was a slave in the service of those who loved him. He was ever living to help those who turn to him and that he has to take care of his children day and night.

Bhagawan Shirdi Sai Baba

Saibaba’s mission was to restore belief in god and according to him, “I give people what they want in the hope that they will begin to want what I want to give them (knowledge of the Ultimate).” He then taught values of total surrender to the Almighty Master (ALLAH MALIK EK- The only ONE) and experiences his grace.

Today, Shri Saibaba has millions of devotees in India and abroad. Shirdi, the obscure village in Maharashtra has become a pilgrimage destination much as Bethlehem, Jerusalem or Varanasi. With over 25,000 pilgrims thronging in here each day the number of pilgrims climb to over a hundred thousand on holidays and festival days. There are over 2,000 major Sai temples in different parts of India and 150 abroad in places as far-flung as Canada and Kenya, Singapore and England.

Sai Baba’s Teachings

Sai Baba of Shirdi is the epitome of reverence a guiding force who generates supreme faith and confidence among his devotees looking for salvation and in quest of coming out of the drudgery of living. As a divine mother he is saturated with love for those who seek him. With his mission of making people about the divine consciousness and transcending the limits of mortal body, his teachings are guiding his devotees to the path of salvation. People are blessed who follow his teachings.

Among the teachings of Sai Baba of Shirdi there are the cardinal principles of Sai Path called ‘Shraddha’ and ‘Saburi’. Sai Baba looks for these two qualities in his devotees. Here are the teachings and philosophies of Sai Baba of Shirdi.

‘Shraddha’ is a Sanskrit word, which roughly means faith with love and reverence. Such faith or trust is generated out of conviction, which may not be the result of any rational belief or intellectual wisdom, but a spiritual inspiration. According to Sai Baba of Shirdi, steadfast love in God is the gateway to eternity. Baba’s teaching, both direct and indirect explicate the significance of ‘Shraddha’. Baba reiterates the spiritual guidance of Shri Krishna to Arjun – “Whosoever offer to Me with love or devotion, a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water, that offering of pure love is readily accepted by Me”.

‘Saburi’; means patience and perseverance. Saburi is a quality needed throughout the path to reach the goal. This quality must be ingrained in a seeker from day one, least he looses his stride and leaves the path half way

Shirdi Sai Baba Wallpapers

For Sai Baba it was not the purity of the body but inner purity that mattered. No amount of physical and external cleansing would serve any purpose if the man remained impure in mind and heart. Therefore, Baba cautioned His devotees not to make austerity as an end itself, lest they should indulge in physical mortification.

Himself an epitome of compassion and love, Sai Baba taught compassion among his disciples. Baba often told His devotees, ‘Never turn away anybody from your door, be it a human being or animal’.

Complete Surrender to the Guru
Sai Baba put Guru on a high pedestal of reverence. For Him Guru was the profound base of the path of devotion. Pointing to his physical frame, “This body is my house. I am not here. My Guru (Master) has taken me away”. He asked for complete surrender to the ‘Guru’.

Sai Baba’s Teachings through ‘Udi’ and ‘Dakshina’

Udi or the sacred ash was produced from the perpetual fire called ‘dhuni’ lit by Sai Baba in Dwarkamai at Shirdi. Explaining the meaning of life He would refer to Udi and taught that like Udi all the visible phenomena in the world are transient. Through this example Sai Baba wished to make his devotees understand the sense of discrimination between the unreal and the real. Udi taught the devotees discrimination or vivek.

Sai Baba would demand ‘Dakshina’ or alms from those who visited him. This explained the sense of non-attachment to worldly things. Hence Dakshina taught the devotees non-attachment or Vairagya.

Sai Baba’s Assurances

Sai Baba made eleven assurances they are the following:

Whosoever puts their feet on Shirdi soil, their sufferings will come to an end.

The wretched and miserable will rise to joy and happiness as soon as they climb the steps of Dwarakamai (Mosque).

I shall be ever active and vigorous even after leaving this earthly body.

My tomb shall bless and speak to the needs of my devotees.

I shall be active and vigorous even from my tomb.

My mortal remains will speak from My tomb.

I am ever living to help and guide all who come to Me, who surrender to Me and who seek refuge in Me.

If you look at Me, I look at you.

If you cast your burden on Me, I shall surely bear it.

If you seek My advice and help, it shall be given to you at once.

There shall be no want in the house of My devotee.

Reported miracles

Sai Baba’s millions of disciples and devotees believe that he performed many miracles such as bilocation, levitation, mindreading, materialization, exorcisms, making the river Yamuna, entering a state of Samādhi at will,and lightning lamps with water, removing his limbs or intestines and sticking them back to his body (Khanda Yoga), curing the incurably sick, appearing beaten when another was beaten, after death rising on third day like Jesus Christ, preventing a mosque from falling down on people, and helping his devotees in a miraculous way.[24]

According to his followers he appeared to them in dreams after his death, and gave them advice. His devotees have documented many stories.[25]

Baba’s Leelas (Miracles)

Lighting Lamps with Water
This is among the earliest evidences of Saibaba’s miracles. Baba was fond of lighting earthenware lamps in his masjid and other temples. For this he needed oil, which he got from the grocers of Shirdi, as small donations. But there came a time when the grocers got tired of giving him oil for free. And so they refused him any oil saying they had no fresh stocks. Baba didn’t say a word and returned to his masjid. But the masjid was not to remain in dark, as Sai Baba lit his earthenware lamps pouring water instead, which burnt deep into the midnight. Such was the miraculous power of Saibaba who lit fire out of water! When grocers came to know about it they rushed to him with apologies. Sai Baba pardoned them, but he warned them never to lie again. “You could have refused to give me the oil, but did you have to say that you didn’t have fresh stocks?” he admonished them. But he had made his point.

Premonition of Burning Fields
Once, harvesting in Shirdi had been completed and the foodgrains of the entire village had been stored in a yard. Blistering summer was ferocious. One afternoon Saibaba summoned Kondaji Sutar and asked him to better rush to his field as it was on fire. Fear struck Kondaji ran to his field but there was not a trace of smoke. He got back and said so to Saibaba. Unfazed Baba asked him to look again and as the luck would have it, a part of corn was indeed afire and smoke was beginning to billow from it. With strong wind fanning the fire, Kondaji became jittery and asked Saibaba to do something. At this Baba walked to the yard and sprinkled some water and the fire immediately got extinguished.

Stopping the Rain
There goes a story that one Rao Bahadur Moreshwar Pradhan s wife had come for Sai Baba’s darshan. As the couple was about to leave, it began to rain heavily with thunder and lightening. Seeing the Pradhan couple in trouble, Saibaba invoked the God and asked the rain to calm down, which surely did and the Pradhan were able to reach their destination safely.

Raising the Water Level in Well

When Sai Baba first came to Shirdi it had of no basic facilities. There was a well put only in name, with no natural spring water. Villagers had tough time fetching water from a distance. When the villagers were to celebrate Baba’s birthday on Ramnavami, there was obviously crisis of water in the region. But Saibaba with his miracles had solution for this problem as well. He showered some leaves into the well and lo and behold the level of water rose fulfilling the dire wish of the villagers.

Saving a Child from Drowning
Once a 3-year-old daughter of a poor man named Babu Kirwandikar had fallen into a well and got drowned. When the villagers rushed to the well, they found to their utter disbelief that the child was suspended in midair as if some invisible hand was holding her. This again was one of the many miracles of Saibaba that saved people from distress.

Flow of Godavari (river) from Baba’s Feet

As recounted by Das Ganu, one of the disciples of Shri Saibaba, once he sought permission from Baba to visit a place called Singba on the banks of Godavari to have a holy bath. Saibaba refused and said what was the use of going that distance when Godavari was right under his feet. Das was puzzled. Realizing the doubt in Das’s mind Saibaba asked him to come closer and hold the hollow of his palms at Baba’s feet. As soon as he did so water flowed freely out of the toes of the master’s feet and filled the hollow of Das Ganu’s palms in no time. His joy knew no limits. He sprinkled the water on his head and his body and distributed some more among the assembled devotees as tirtha (holy water).

Legacy of Sai Baba of Shirdi

Shri Saibaba is among the most influential spiritual gurus of India, who lived at a nondescript village of Shirdi in the state of Maharashtra. With his miraculous powers and captivating teachings he rules the heart of millions of his devotees, whose number is ever growing with each passing day.

He is also among the most recognizable gurus whose image can be found throughout India, sometimes simply as a fashion statement or kept along as accessories. Worn as pendants and kept in lockets Saibaba makes his presence in all corners of India. He lived in the cusp of two centuries i.e., between 1838 and 1918. During this time Shri Saibaba made a great impact on the psyche of the people coming under his influence. With his simple and trite philosophy combined with his clairvoyant prowess, Saibaba’s legacy is still on among his ever growing number of followers.

Today, many religious teachers, groups and organizations promote his teachings and devotion to Sai. Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust is the most prominent promoter of Saibaba’s legacy all across the world. The trust also takes care of the shrines and temples in Shirdi. All-India Sai Samaj, founded by B.V. Narasimha Swamiji, publishes books on Sai Baba as well as administrates the temples of Sai Baba built all over India.

Baba, My Beloved

God is the Supreme Spirit, the Almighty One. He will make human beings as instruments to satisfy the needs of fellow beings and thus ensures their self-liberation by such acts. It is but natural for humble mortals like us to expect reward for anything we do. But, as Baba’s devotees, we should not expect something in return for what we do. If we utilize our God-given abilities in helping others, our life will be blessed. The real devotion rests in helping others in times of need and sharing their pains and pleasures. Sympathizing with the helpless is humaneness. But helping them is godly.
Once an old man was robbed and battered and lying helpless on the road. Then a good samaritan carried him in his arms to a choultry and asked the choultry manager to take care of the old man and assured to bear any amount of expenditure that would be incurred. But the manager treated the old man free of cost. Then Baba blessed both the good samaritan and the manager of the choultry and they both spent their lives in good health and happiness. The God Supreme blessed us with money to be given in charity, hands to offer charity and the will to help others. We have to use them as Baba willed us. If we are prepared to help the needy, then Baba, will certainly reward our good deeds beyond expectations by His Grace and Protection.

With Faith in Baba we can Tackle any Situation

We are born by being bound by the actions of our previous births and live under the spell of illusions. Hence, no one is a renunciate by birth. We crave all mundane pleasures and riches. We keep ourselves burning in the furnace of passion. Owing to the merit earned by one’s good deeds in the past birth, one gets, as one spiritually evolves, disgusted and become averse to worldly objects and pleasures. Then, one turns to God, trusts Him and delights in constant remembrance. By knowing the divine objective of Universal Good, this blessed soul attempts to spread the joy among all and wishes to make them blessed ones too. But, one has to live amongst people of different mind-sets.
We get trouble with people with traits of pride and envy, pomp and arrogance, greed for money and ego. We feel frustrated since others are not accepting our Unique Baba. We get upset since people around do not trust Baba whom we adore as a Living God. Besides, at times we have to bear the pain of people trying to dominate, deceive and behave cruelly with us. In such trying situations, Baba would appear before us in one form or the other, drives away our fears and anxiety and assures us, saying “I am with you, go ahead fearlessly with your noble task by meditating on Me”. Let us trust the Divine Assurance of Baba and get our objective fulfilled.

Faith Means…..

To have faith in God is to install God on the throne of our hearts. Faith means, to trust in the Omnipotence of God and to firmly believe that God answers our prayers. A man of faith stands in firm faith of God when everyone deserts him. Faith means burning the bridges already crossed in order to go ahead firmly. Faith never hesitates to give what it has to. Having faith in God today, with similar spirit for tomorrow, is the mark of faith. Faith is the antonym and an antidote to fear. Ways are many, but to repose trust in God is a sign of faith. A man of faith will not rely on his conviction, but abides by God’s command.

Faith works miracles in one’s life and makes the sick healthy. Roots of faith sink deeper and grow stronger by constantly remembering God. In order to erect rock-like faith, we must keep reading the teachings of Baba, have a firm grasp of His message and hold on to His Feet. We must strive to walk in the foot-steps of Sainath. To praise Sai in good times, doubt Him and His Grace in bad times cannot make a true Sai devotee. Sri Sai Satcharitra narrates the experiences of many a devotee of faith who were baled out of troubled times and saved by taking refuge at the Feet of Sai. If we surrender to Baba believing Him to be our Father and Guiding-Light, He will not only take care of us but guide us to His Abode of Ever-Serene Peace.

Do not Worry, Baba Blesses You

Baba will shower His Infinite Love on those devotees who love all living beings with a pure heart and render service to them as if it were service to Baba. When a wish is in a tender stage of our heart itself or the moment we express the wish, it is instantly fulfilled and several times more beneficial than expected. But, in order to get our wishes fulfilled, we have to surrender ourselves to Baba. Then, all the legitimate desires hidden in our hearts will be fulfilled by Baba. He alone knows what we need and what not. If any one of our wish is not fulfilled, then it should be presumed that Baba thought it otherwise, and would give something more beneficial in near future. A middle class person was worried that he could not buy a scooter. But, having firm faith, he earnestly prayed to Baba. His income steadily increased and he could buy a car by Baba’s grace.
When we remain as the most loyal servants of Baba, He would solve even the intricate problems with ease. If we tread the Sai Path, repose faith and fervently pray to Him, Baba will work miracles beyond the grasp of our imagination. By trusting Divine Mother Sai with child-like innocence and seeking refuge in Her Warm Lap, we are assured of our success in achieving goals that are not possible by mere human effort. Baba would fulfill our every legitimate desire, asked and unasked.

Love can melt Even the Stone-Hearted

Every person in this world pines for love. We search for such pure love which sincerely seeks the goodness of all. But, it is not so easy to get such love. Love is like a lyre (Veena) that pulls the strings of two hearts. Love is God. It could be grasped only when we realize that it is a divine form and commune with it in love. It is enough to contemplate with love on Sai, the Divine Incarnation who descended on the earth with love for humanity. Divine love is the master-key to free us from the bondage of troubles and release us from the prison of sufferings. We can experience pleasure, peace, solace and immense joy through such love. We could love and help all universal beings and share the words of hope and Baba’s teachings with all.
Our service coupled with God’s love will not only make the sick healthier and the agitated minds rest at peace. It wipes away all evil thoughts and takes us closer to Baba. Not content with love we get, we should long for the opportunity to get delighted by the sweet experience of sharing our love with all, in our words and deeds. With the key of love, we can unlock even the toughest heart of an individual. Love has the power to tame even cruel animals. When mortal love has so much power, the Cosmic Love-Power of Baba has no limit in melting millions of stone-hearted ones.

Our Happiness is the Happiness of God

God is Ever-New Joy. The Upanishads declared it as, “Bliss is God”. His desire is to keep His children always happy. Baba is the one who grants perennial bliss by not allowing grief and despair to grab us. If we have the heart to see Baba, the mundane sorrows, troubles and illusionary fears cannot torment us in any way. It is God alone who can rescue us from this illusion and liberate us from all sins. Many people presume that God is the root-cause of their miseries. But, if we open our eyes and see the birds making pleasant sounds at dawn, the golden light of the sun, the full-bloomed flowers, the spreading of aroma, which are all but the creation of God only. We need to have eyes to enjoy the beautiful nature and the variety of species living in it. By whom and for what purpose was such a wonderful nature created except to please our hearts with ecstatic delight?
It is our Father-God Baba who created the nature to delight us all. But, ignoring God’s beautiful creation of the Universe for our sake, we are cultivating selfish desires and evil designs. Mirages cannot quench our real thirst. Likewise, short-lived pleasures cannot provide eternal bliss. Why can’t we develop undeviating devotion for God and fill our hearts with the joy of His form. Nothing delights Baba as we share His Ever-New Joy with one and all.

Even a Simple Work Accomplished with
Dedication is a Peak of Excellence

It is not what work we do but what matters most is how we will do it and how much is its utility. We must accomplish our entrusted task with a sense of responsibility, commitment, honesty and sincerity. Such a dedicated person can realize God. People who work with a spirit of service are assured of prosperity and joy. We need not feel that the work we do is a simpler one. Its importance is quite known to God. We must believe that He has entrusted the particular task for the very reason and our duty is just to meet His purpose and accomplish it. A poor devoted house-wife, always remembered God and did tailoring work to feed her family. The sense of dedication with which she stitched the garments bore the stamp of excellence and pleased the customers. Amazed by her committed and excellent needle work, a businessman employed her for a handsome salary in his thriving garment industry.
In Baba’s view, dedication and commitment for a work are precious assets. Baba says, “wages must be in relation to work”. If we realize this, we would not look down on any work, as even the small bolts in a massive machine have a crucial place. Let us pray to Baba, “give us a dedicated mind to discharge our duties with an eye on excellence”.

To remain a Faithful one is but the Grace of Baba

The All-Pervading Divinity would be watching all that is happening at every nook and corner of the universe. With the sun and moon as His two eyes, none could hide anything from God. When we believe in Baba, it is absolutely necessary to be obedient to Him. We must do what Baba wants us to do with unquestioning obedience. Many would think that it is something great. But, it is not enough. We have to be loyal and faithful and have to behave in such a way that God trusts our sincerity and devotion. He knows all, not only things that we hide from others but also things hid in the deepest caverns of our hearts. It would be difficult to claim loyalty when several things are kept secret and not confessed either before a teacher or Sadguru.
It is not enough to do what Baba taught us, but should be able to keep off from forbidden things. There should not be anything like thinking or doing by oneself. We should treat Baba as our Master and serve Him like a loyal servant. Dog serves its master with absolute loyalty. Even if the master insults or hurts it, the dog never leaves him. It always waits for his command and never does anything by itself and master is everything to the dog. Such dedicated service is the mark of true loyalty. Only God’s Grace can turn such a devotee to the dedicated service of Sai Baba.

Baba Himself Appears to Teach Right Path

God has no form and yet assumes the human form. We should purify our hearts by frequently singing praises of His glories and noble qualities, chanting His Name in word and thought and constantly keep Him in our hearts. He would then come down in the form of any one of the five natural elements that are verily created by Him or in a human body form to impart us right advice and direction.
If the mirror is neat, it reflects our face. When the water is pure, the image is clearly visible to the eye. Likewise, if the pure heart meditates on God, He appears and instructs us clearly. If the heart is pristine pure and faith in God is stronger, it is possible that God appears even in a dream to guide us. The Master of a Bhajanmandali came to Shirdi with an ill-intention, but by appearing in his dreams, Baba changed the course of his mind and led him to the devotional path. Baba taught many spiritual values at Dwarakamayi and led several people on to the path of devotion. At times, when our mind gets weakened, Baba will command us what to do and thus make us move towards the path of perennial bliss. Baba’s philosophy, if followed, will purify our hearts and we are bound to hear the direct message from Baba. Every work that we begin will be accomplished, as it is directed by the Divine Light of Baba.

Baba is the Source of Peace in Times of Crisis

Even if a war, agitation, chaos or difficult situation persists outside, Baba protects us with His Divine Power by throwing His hands around us. We, being in His protection, will get rid of fear and pain and find peace of mind. It is common experience to face troubles in life and preventing them is not in our hands. We need a tough heart to weather the storm of struggles. The Grace of God gives us that power. Then, the impact of the external events cannot touch us. Things or expressions of the external world are mere physical and pains from such sufferings are inevitable. Sometimes we feel that we are helpless in controlling such adversities. However, the Omnipotent Baba would bless His staunch devotees to endure pains with ease and calm.
Baba makes us wise as to not to torment our minds and hearts by the pain of the harsh times we face. We get totally assured that Baba will set right the things. We reach such a stage that even if the sky falls down, we think; “It’s all right! I should not bother since Baba is there to take care of”. Those in the Protective Arms of Baba will be like a grand-daughter reading peacefully nestled in the lap of her grand father without feeling uneasy or troubled. Then, there will be no hurdle for meditation, for reading, for Sadhana. Being in His protective arms, peace would be at heart. That serenity, only Baba can give us.

We May Not Stop the Birds from Flying Over us
but can Stop them From Nesting on Heads

There are six internal enemies that halt our progress. They are lust, anger, avarice, attachment, pride and jealousy. All these dwell within us. God has gifted mankind with power of discretion. By exercising the discerning power of the intellect, we can go near to God. But the internal enemies, again and again, scuttle our efforts to inch our way towards God. As both the sense organs and mind get tempted and overpowered by these enemies, we ‘commit’ mistakes. We, therefore, should cultivate faith, dedication and patience. We have to surrender to Baba and pray to Him ‘Baba! Please move me on to the path of righteousness’. Sometimes, when emotions overtake us, we commit blunders, though our intellect warns us “No”. But, if we apply our minds, we come to know what mistakes we committed. Then, we can make sure, such mistakes are not repeated.
A person, who sincerely repents, must not repeat the mistakes. We should always think of our conduct, identify our evil thoughts and deeds and ensure that they do not recur. As long as we strive to conquer these internal enemies by reposing faith in Baba, we will succeed to scare the birds of evil thought to fly away from our Mind-Tree instead of making a nest on it. Faith-charged devotion to Baba will crown us with success.

Children Are Future Messengers of Baba


Children are the image of God. It is good if we love children but pampering is not good. All their needs must be taken care of but we should not spoil them by giving whatever they asked for. Love devoid of discipline will spell danger. In order to have a stable and happy society, we must groom children of to-day become as good citizens of the future. Tatya, as a small boy, used to come to Masjid along with other kids and used to make fun of Baba, but later was transformed as an intimate associate of Baba.
A parrot trained by a thief would repeat “loot, please loot”; whereas, one trained by a noble person repeats “please come, sit down”. Children must be taught to appreciate good, weed out bad qualities and be shaped as good citizens and devout servants of God. The hearts of children are like fields wetted by a shower of rain. Whatever seeds of impressions are sown will get germinated and deep rooted. Their hearts are like clean mirrors which reflect whatever sights are shown to them. The opinions deeply planted in the childhood will, in the course of time, strike deep roots and grow into mighty trees. Hence, elders must carefully observe the thoughts and behaviour of children and mould their character. We should be friendly with them, remove the thorns like evil and make their future a flowery path. The well-groomed children will become future Messengers of Baba.

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All Gods are one – Allaah Maalik hai!!

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  5. Om Sai Ram to all sai devotees
    That is true Hemant ji, it is the grace of Deva that makes everything so beautiful including his pictures. It goes the same for our world, which is so wonderful because our baba dwells in it….



  6. Excellent post at MY GURU – Shri Shirdi SaiBaba. | LOVE & LIFE ( Experience the Magic of Love & Mysteries of Life thru my eyes ) !. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Extremely useful info specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such info much. I was seeking this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.


  7. om sai ram om sai shyam …
    sabka malik ek h..
    jai mere baba,,jaise apne muj par kripya ki h vais sab par kripa banaye rakhna….apki beti chhavi…


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  10. the words above regarding sai are really awsome..beautiful…

    i am a staunch devotee of sai…
    he fullfilled most of my he was not blessing me regarding my love life.if his parents agree for the marriage we shall get married…bt his parents were really stubborn….i completed parayanam of his charithra..still he was not pleased..

    will you please tell me any vrat or pooja to make sai baba ji feel contended and fulfill my desire and avoid me crying every night


    • Nothing I am sure he will grant you your wish maybe he is just testing your patience
      you can not and should not bribe baba for anything ………just keep on doing your part
      (Ni swaarth seva) ( Have faith ) Shradhaa Saburi remember ….I am no wise man nor am I into pooja and stuff but I know Sai answers your prayers…..
      I am sure you will get your true love and I am sure Baba will help you in getting married to the guy of your choice !!
      Now even I pray for you !
      I am sure and my heart says your wish will be granted ………..!!!!
      Please do send me the invitation of your wedding ok !!!
      Smile please dear, god bless you..
      Om sai ram !! 🙂


    • Nothing I am sure he will grant you your wish maybe he is just testing your patience
      you can not and should not bribe baba for anything ………just keep on doing your part
      (Ni swaarth seva) ( Have faith ) Shradhaa Saburi remember ….I am no wise man nor am I into pooja and stuff but I know Sai answers your prayers…..
      I am sure you will get your true love and I am sure Baba will help you in getting married to the guy of your choice !!
      Now even I pray for you !
      I am sure and my heart says your wish will be granted ………..!!!!
      Please do send me the invitation of your wedding ok !!!
      Smile please dear, god bless you..
      Om sai ram !! 🙂


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