The Happiest Day of Their Life – A Perfect Example of True, Pious, Pure & Unconditional Love !!

Here is a touching story of a loving couple whose wedding day could not be marred even by a bride’s serious illness. This is a perfect example of true love. True Lovers must see…

It was the happiest day in their lives, but it all could be cut short the next day. Jamie Amos and Jonathan Tajoya, a couple from Portland, Oregon, married days before Jamie was to undergo brain surgery to remove a tumor. The joyful occasion took place in a hospital courtyard with Jamie being wheeled out in her wedding gown to the ceremony. We wish them long and happy family life!

Hats off for these beautiful & great lovers, it is so good to see that there are people like them who believe in love, true love & their love is not selfish & is unconditional !!

It is very rare to find such great lovers in this selfish, mean, materialistic, money minded world full of smart & cunning people !!

God bless these two great souls & may their lives be full of health wealth happiness & love 🙂

With Love


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