Jadoo Ki Jhappi = ( A Magical Hug) :)

Jadoo Ki Jhappi = ( A Magical Hug)


It’s so much easier to express anger than love. The minute you see your child doing something out of line, you don’t hesitate before telling him to stop in a firm voice, or before losing your temper. We are always ready to shell out feelings of frustration and indignation but when it comes to looking at our loved ones and telling them how deeply we care, we draw a blank. IF we hate someone, everyone knows it but if we love someone, we never dare >to express our feeling. Sometime even the loved one doesn’t knows about it. In our relationships with spouse, children, siblings, friends we never express our feeling of love. We presume that they know I love them, care about them so whats need of over reaction.



The simplest and the most powerful way to show ur love is HUG. Try to recollect the last time you hugged somebody or somebody hugged you. In all likelihood, it was too long ago. Worse, the answer may be ‘never’ if you are the kind who flinches fromphysical contact. So what are we missing out on?




We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth

You may laugh off the predilection of the psychiatry community in the USA.. But “Touch is an important component of attachment as it creates bonds between two individuals



Hugging is also a part of Reiki, the currently popular touch therapy based on the transfer of energy.The area of touch is much larger in the case of hugging and the contact is much more intimate, so the effects are subtler.  


 Indeed, many spiritual gurus, such as Mata Amritanandmayi, hug their disciples a lot, perhaps to pass on the divine energy



Reaching out and touching someone, and holding him tight—is a way of saying you care. Its effects are immediate: for both, the hugger and the person being hugged, feel good. Hugging is healthy, for the body and the soul. Hugging is hygienic. Hugging won’tgive you AIDS and it won’t increase the population. It boosts self-esteem and brings about a sense of security in a way no word can. Hugging reaches inside and touches your soul. The world may heal a bit if hugging increases, so do your bit. Get your body into action. Start hugging. . So lets start from today only. Pyar baantey chalo………..lets distribute love 



And always remember, the person who is the hardest to hug is usually the one who needs it the most



With love

Hemant Khurana

Now who,s gonna first give me a Jadoo ki Jhappi ?

Hemant Happy Khurana


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