:) Spend your money for others and be happy :) !!!!!!

Spend your money for others and be happy !!!!!!
Spend on other people in order to make yourself happy,

With your money try buying something for someone that makes them happy, that is when you can experience the taste of true happiness !!!

If you think you are unhappy, you should pay a visit to a cancer ward, a prison, a seizure clinic or a psychiatric hospital. You will quickly recognize how happy you really are, and who knows, you might even feel thankful and lucky.

Happiness is recognizing all that you have, whether it’s a little or a lot.
Happiness is recognizing you are healthy or can become healthy.
Happiness is recognizing that you can change your life.
Happiness comes from the inside, from the source of life, not from the outside by purchasing material goods.

Happiness is recognizing that perception is 100% true.
Happiness is having a purpose in life.

Happiness is the ability to love, not hate.
Happiness is recognizing that helping someone without expecting anything in return is one of the greatest gifts.

A quote by Joseph Addison, an English politician and writer, says it best: “Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for.”

Prof Norton an associate professor at Harvard Business School. said at a recent TED talk that spending money on yourself does not make you happier, but spending money on others — no matter how it is spent, or how much — could improve your mood.

“If you think money can’t buy happiness, you’re not spending it right,” Norton said. “You should stop thinking about which product to buy for yourself, and try giving some of it to other people instead.”

“The reason that money doesn’t make us happy is that we’re always spending on the wrong things, and in particular that we’re always spending it on ourselves,” he said.

Norton said that in numerous studies, “people who spent money on other people got happier; people who spent money on themselves, nothing happened. It didn’t make them less happy; it just didn’t do much for them.”

In nearly every country in the world, people that give to charity are happier, according to research by Gallup cited by Norton.


I wish for you a life filled with happiness, and I hope your happiness will spread to others and become a pandemic.

Finally A Great song that will make ya think —

What’cha gonna do with the 36 cents Sticky with Coke on your floorboard When a woman on the street is huddled in the cold On a sidewalk vent trying to keep warm Do you call her over hand her the change Ask her a story ask her her name Or do you tell yourself
You’re just a fool Just a fool To believe you can change the world You’re just a fool Just a fool To believe you can change the world  ??????????????????????

Please think about it & do something, try it ones, try spending out some of your money on someone you love, A relative, A friend, anyone who needs some help, someone in need, someone who needs it more than you do, try it and trust me when you will come to know that with just a bit of your money you could make someone smile, trust me that is the most amazing experience, that is when you really will know what is – TRUE HAPPINESS !!! 

This is what I have learnt, I have done it,  even though I know, I have made many mistakes in my life & I feel very bad about them, we all do, there are times when things don’t go well or they do not happen the way we expected, there are times when we feel bad & can not do anything about it, it is then, I think about those moments when I did something that made someone smile & brought happiness to someone,  trust me it feels great, it makes me happy makes me feel proud that I could do something for someone, that feeling can not be expressed in words, try it, I wish,  I could make more and more people smile, wipe away their tears and make them happy !!!!!  

I pray to god that going forward please bless me so that I never, never, never ever  hurt a heart because  I know how it feels when your heart hurts !!!

Kindly check out the link below, here is something that you can do to start with – god bless ya all !

Thanking you with lots of love & Happiness !

Hemant (Happy)  Khurana

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