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Is this possible in today’s world of Web & Internet Technology ??

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The Internet has become an important tool for social interaction, information, and entertainment . However, as the Internet has moved into homes, schools, Internet cafes, and businesses, the prevalence of Internet addiction has been increasing rapidly. Internet addiction is characterized as poorly controlled Internet use, and can lead to impulse-control disorders. Recently, Internet addiction, especially among adolescents, has been recognized as an important social issue in various countries because of the high prevalence of depression, aggressive behavior, psychiatric symptoms, and interpersonal problems associated with this addiction


The social performance, psychology, and lifestyle habits of Internet addicts can be affected by this addiction. Numerous cross-sectional studies have shown that Internet addiction has an adverse effect on several lifestyle-related factors, it can result in irregular dietary habits, extended periods of time spent on the Internet , physical inactivity, short duration of sleep, and increased use of alcohol and tobacco.

 Some studies have reported that the change in lifestyle-related factors caused by heavy Internet use could have an adverse impact on the growth and development of Internet addicts.


What has happened in the past few years – and what is inevitable to happen in the future – is that technologies to democratize destruction are becoming easily available to a greater number of people, who require less finance, less control, less oversight, no government funding. And I am very, very, very concerned that the Pandora’s boxes that governments used to have the control and lid on will now be opened by individuals.


Relying on the Internet to communicate can lead to isolation. Lack of personal interaction can cause people to become depressed and lonely even if they’re online much of the time. Research has shown that youth can become addicted to the Internet and that they are at risk for exposure to sexually explicit material, sexual solicitation, and even bullying. The online gaming industry can become an addiction for youth and research has shown that when youth spend too much time online, their grades drop, they have more trouble with family relations and their health suffers these individuals end up adding additional problems to their lives besides their loneliness.

 The increased problems might drive them to rely more on their favorite online activity as a means to diminish or escape from their augmented troubles, which could isolate them and increase loneliness more.


 The amount of personal information stored online can make your life easier and more productive. However, storing and sharing information online also may increase the likelihood that those who should not have access to that information eventually will. Every day people post all kinds of details about their personal lives on social networking sites or blogs. This information can include everything from personal photographs and real names to stories about things that happen in their daily lives. In many cases, they end up sharing all of this information with complete strangers. The large number of details a person posts online for others to see has been labeled oversharing.


One of the greatest concerns of oversharing that has arisen with increased use of social media and mobile technology is location privacy.


With Twitter, Facebook and  Foursquare, it’s important to check privacy settings to ensure that by sharing with friends every move you take during the day, you’re also not sharing your moves with strangers. This can open your home up to burglary risk. Young teens in particular are making themselves more vulnerable by setting up meetings and updating their whereabouts in real time.


I think we’re distracted — and distracted by many, many, many things that should actually help us: technology, the advent of the Internet, the intrusion of the Internet on our everyday lives, the amount of time people spend in front of their computers instead of in front of their garden patch, in front of their children, in front of their books. So much time is spent in a place where I had the greatest hope for the fact that I thought the Internet was going to save us time to make time for all the other things in life, when in fact it’s actually wasting a lot of time.



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