Mans Best Friends

The root problems in the world today are dishonesty, selfishness and fear – in men and, consequently, in nations. These evils multiplied result in divorce, crime, unemployment, recurrent depression and war.

This world is being filled with two-faced people,  people who are dishonest or hypocritical; who present “one face” at one time and another face at another.
Someone who is said to be two-faced may pretend to be your friend when you are around and then talk badly about you behind your back when you aren’t

“Everybody wants to see the other fellow changed. Every nation wants to see the other nation changed. But everybody is waiting for the other fellow to begin.

When in this modern world people are turning more and more greedy, selfish & dishonest .

And in all this mess I see hope, I see love, I see loyalty, I see trust in them –

The Mans Best Friends

It strange and weird how we humans are turning into wild animals &………………………….!!

From – Hemant Khurana (Happy)

Just think about it !


One comment on “Mans Best Friends

  1. AHHHH im a softy for dogs!!!! but i really like this one because it is true, a dog doesnt need you to be rich or have anything but your love :)! these pictures had me going “AWWW!!!!!!” 😀 . i believe that a dog is a great friend and it he will stick with you through thin and thick regardless of the situtions he will always be there next you 🙂 this one Thumbs up 🙂 🙂


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