GOD helps only those who help themselves.

Once there lived in a village a firm believer in GOD, who strongly believed that GOD shall always help him out in times of crisis as he was a staunch devotee. Once it so happened that there were heavy rains and the river on the bank of which the village situated overflowed and the entire village began to submerge in the flood water.

All the villagers now started vacating the village as flood water started flowing into the streets first and then into their houses. The neighbor of our devotee who was about to leave his house with his family asked our devotee to join him. But our devotee refused to move out of his house saying that, he believed a lot in GOD and was sure that GOD would never allow him to die in the flood water and would certainly come to save him. The neighbor left the village with his family and so did all other villagers except our devotee.

Soon, the flood waters entered the ground floor of his house and he was forced to move to the first floor of his house. After a while a local rescue boat came in search of those who were still trapped inside their houses and on seeing our devotee still inside his house, the man on the boat asked our devotee to join them. Again, our devotee refused to budge. He still believed that GOD would certainly arrive to help him. The rescue boat left the place.

As the water level increased our devotee moved up to the terrace of his house. There he started staring at the skies expecting GOD to arrive any time. As he was staring the skies, a rescue helicopter arrived this time and on seeing our devotee standing on the roof top of his house, the man inside the helicopter offered to throw a rope down and rescue the devotee out of the increasing flood waters. Yet, again our devotee refused to give up saying, “GOD shall not let me down”. The helicopter too left the place.

The flood water level just kept increasing till our devotee finally drowned and died. After his death, the devotee went to the GOD and questioned him with anger, “GOD, I believed in you so much. I was your greatest devotee throughout my life. Yet, you did not come to save me during the time of my crisis and today I’m dead. Why did you do this to me?”

“What?”, asked the surprised GOD to the devotee, “How can you say that I didn’t help you, when I indeed did come to your rescue.”
Now is was our devotee’s turn to be surprised. He asked, “When did you come to save me GOD?”.
GOD replied, “First I came to rescue you as your neighbor, but you refused my help. Then again, I came in a boat hoping to pull you out of the flood water, but again you refused my help. Finally, as a last ditch effort I came in a helicopter to save you. Again you refused my help. What else did you expect me to do?”.

The moral of the above story is that, do not expect miracles to happen in times of trouble as our devotee did. Because, GOD helps only those who help themselves.

In the above statement can be seen an ancient Hindu belief ‘Aham Brahmasmi’, which means ‘I am the GOD’ in Sanskrit. When we say “GOD helps only those who help themselves”, it really means that ‘we ought to be our own GOD’. Self is the architect of the Self.

When a Hindu says “‘Aham Brahmasmi” (Self is the GOD), it doesn’t mean the individual I with a selfish attitude. Instead the I represents the selfless I who is unified with the entire universe. A Hindu believes that GOD pervades the entire universe and an individual being a part of the universe is a part of the GOD himself!

If we just have a closer look at ourselves, we can always see and experience the universal I who has always been there within us and guiding us in times of crisis. Some also call it the inner conscience. What really matters is, ‘how much do we listen to the GOD within us?’ The more we listen to him, the less likely are we to face problems and even if we do face one, the more likely are we to get out of it.

Peng Shuilin had half of his body amputated after being run over
by a truck. But he never gave up! His recovery has amazed surgeons
after almost two years undergoing a series of operations.
The vice-president of the hospital where this 37-year old Chinese man
has been treated said: He is amazing and the only person in the world
to survive having so much of his body amputated.

The best part of the story is ..
He’s doing well now and has opened his own bargain supermarket
– called the Half Man-Half Price Store.

That’s incredible.
It seems nothing can get him down

You too can work wonders with your strong determination and the will to win.

“However unlucky you are, whatever mishaps occurred in your life, you will be paid for your hardwork. ”

Hemant Khurana Salutes you Mr Peng Shuilin you are A True Hero !


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