Factors Required For a Good Relationship

Factors Required For a Good Relationship

Good relationship is not only about spending maximum time with each other happily. Many more ingredients are essential in a relationship to keep it long lasting. Every moment of a relationship cannot be special. Seeing ups and downs is common in all associations. In fact, how strong a relationship is can be actually discovered in tough situations only.

If want to find out whether a bond between two persons is strong or not, look out for the below mentioned traits in their relationship. These traits are significant to be present in every relationship. If your relationship lack in any of the points try to inculcate it in your relationship as soon as possible. All these attributes are essential to be in a relationship for keeping it strong and lasting. Here are the signs of a good relationship.


Without trust a relationship is like a body without eyes. Trust is the most significant requirement of any relationship. If there is no trust, there is nothing. How much you enjoy together, like each other, still a relationship is no less than a void without trust. If your relationship lacks trust, try to gain it. A relationship can only last long if it is backed up by trust.


A relationship can stand without love at one time, but if respect is missing in a relationship, it does not stay firm for a long time. Respect is an important element in a relationship. Till partners do not look each other with high esteem their relationship can never develop. In fact, it will keep deteriorating. Respect for each other is like a propellant that keeps two partners close to each other and also keeps charm alive in a relationship.


Both the partners should be reliable to each other. Whenever one needs the other in any respect, emotionally or financially, the other one should be capable enough. For developing dependability factor, it is important to be mature enough. A relationship cannot go forever if dependability factor misses.

Commitment & Loyalty

Commitment or say dedication in a relationship is very important. Loyalty towards each other is a very strong sign of a relationship.
Disloyalty ruins the relationship. If partners are loyal to each other they can face any situation easily.

When a true power of two persons combine, that relationship becomes very strong and never dies under any condition.
An ability to show – and accept – affection, A strong sense of commitment to the relationship; a willingness to stick with the relationship through momentary conflicts and periods of disinterest, or even dislike – Effective communication and problem-solving skills –

A commitment to work through conflicts and disagreements in a respectful manner; along with an ability to forgive and accept forgiveness, Realistic and agreed upon expectations of each other; with a willingness to live upto those expectations


5 comments on “Factors Required For a Good Relationship

  1. Man and Woman ♀ ☤ ♂

    Man is the most elevated of creatures,
    Woman the most sublime of ideals.
    God made for man a throne;
    for woman an altar.
    The throne exalts,
    the altar sanctifies.

    Man is the brain,
    Woman is the heart.
    The brain creates light, the heart Love.
    Light engenders, Love resurrects.

    Because of reason Man is strong,
    because of tears Woman is invincible.
    Reason is convincing,
    tears moving.

    Man is capable of all heroism,
    Woman of all martyrdom.
    Heroism ennobles,
    martyrdom sublimates.

    Man has supremacy,
    Woman, preference.
    Supremacy is strength,
    preference is the right.

    Man is a genius,
    Woman, an angel.
    Genius is immeasurable,
    the angel undefinable.

    The aspiration of man is supreme glory,
    The aspiration of woman is extreme virtue.
    Glory creates all that is great;
    virtue, all that is divine.

    Man is a code,
    Woman a gospel.
    A code corrects,
    the gospel perfects.

    Man thinks,
    Woman dreams.
    To think is to have a worm in the brain,
    to dream is to have a halo on the brow.

    Man is an ocean,
    Woman a lake.
    The ocean has the adorning pearl,
    the lake, dazzling poetry.

    Man is the flying eagle,
    Woman, the singing nightingale.
    To fly is to conquer space.
    To sing is to conquer the Soul.

    Man is a temple,
    Woman a shrine.
    Before the temple we discover ourselves,
    before the shrine we kneel.

    In Short Words, Man is Found Where Earth Finishes,
    Woman Where Heaven Begins.


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