Ah Love, Love, … Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

What is it with Love
That makes me
then breaks me?

When in love
Do I truly love?

Is it really love
Or do I think that I love?

Maybe I just love being in love
Or love the idea of being in love?

I spent my whole life chasing love.
In the end the one thing I truly love
Could just be the meir pursuit of love.

But Now No More No More No More !


To You my God I now surrender
All to You my Lord I give
That one day I’ll see Your splendour
Let me in Your Light now live

I fear so much my Lord’s rejection
Shame prevents my entry in
Nought should hinder my election
Foolish idols wayward sin

To You I lay upon the altar
All that robs me of life’s crown
Not to make this child to falter
Thus I lay my Isaac down

How it brings sweet satisfaction
Greeting You upon my knees
Serving You in thought and action
You and Yours I seek to please

Daily when about my duty
Show this child Lord where to go
Share with me Your promised booty
When we’ve beat the common foe

Now! I seek no more to tumble
So I humbly kneel in prayer
Even though I may yet stumble
Give me faith to know You’re there

Lord lift me up in hands so tender
Show this child how much You care
All to You I now surrender
All my life to You I bear

Take this child great God of Fire
Keep me safe beneath Your wing
Grant Your servant one desire
Eternal praise my Lord to sing”


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