2 comments on “INTERNET IN FUTURE !

    • I disagree, this wont make our lives easy but make it complicated, we shall be totally dependant on
      the technology, slowly and gradually this will reach to a point where in humans will be turned into humanoids, machines, with no emotions feelings and social life that will be the end of the mankind, end of human race and the dawn of machines where in you will have no privacy at all no freedom as you will be totally dependant on technology !!

      This will make our lives terrible as this will allow and give all the powers & controls to few individuals like Mark Zucherburg & all the others who own the web, they would control the whole mankid, freedom will be long gone and will just be text book word.

      There has to be a balance of everything, there has to be a limit or else …………………………….!!!!!!!!!

      The end !!!


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