What does really matters in this Gr8 journey called life ?

On the Walk of Life

Sometimes we feel half lost, alone and feel the need to seek new ways for our lives …

Along this path, we found many stones that stoned become a precious jewel: the experience!

Find younger people … And with them relearn the lost innocence …

We will find older people … And they learn to be mature …

We learn that fire burns also warms the cold nights …

At some point our journey will be interrupted and will learn that it was only a pause for the rest of the soul ..

Sometimes we think we lost some people, but after they realized is that we lost.

Feel fear and loneliness, but we always find a helping hand of Him who was crucified for us …

And if we think the walk is too long, we are assured of always warm embrace of those who would also give his life for us: our parents.

At the end of this great journey called life, I realized what really matters are those things that we carry in our hearts.

So, keep only the good feelings. Thus we arrive with a light heart and suitcase full of good memories.


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