Unconditional Love – A real life story of a guy whose lover can never reply to him and his love.

Together in sickness and and in health…The story of a boy who is with his girlfriend though she can never reply to him and his love.

If my tears could talk,
What would they display?
Thousands of words,
Not difficult to say.

They’d whisper, “I’m Sorry!”
When I am wrong and you are right.
They’d scream, “I’m Scared!”
When I’m all alone in the middle of the night.

They do talk,
But they reveal too much
They’re not hidden
Just wiped away by your gentle touch.

They’d exclaim, “I’m Happy!”
Whenever you’re around
They’d sigh, “I’m Sad!”
When I’m feeling down.

They do talk
Won’t you listen?
You just might find
What you’ve been missin’!

They’d reply, “I’m Lonely!”
When I’m thinking of you.
Is it too late for you to see
That my tears cry out “I Love You!”

They do talk
But you can’t hear
A single word they’d say.
If only you could read a tear
Instead of wiping it away!


Hemant Khurana salutes you and your  gr8 love, may god bless you and your lover and may god treats her sufferings and cures her as soon as possible, she is truly very very beautiful!

God bless you brother, you truly are a hero and many many blessings for the beautiful girl, even now her eyes tell everything what she cant ie – She loves you very very much !

God bless you !


Dear Lord, I ask you to turn this beautiful girls weakness into strength,
her sufferings into compassion,
her sorrow into joy, and  her pain into comfort .
 Let her be filled with joy in your presence as she waits for your healing touch.
Please restore her to full health

I request all those who saw the video of these two great lovers
I request you all to please pray for thsi beautiful girl
Please do Please !


3 comments on “Unconditional Love – A real life story of a guy whose lover can never reply to him and his love.

  1. Thanks for this glorious article. One more thing to mention is that almost all digital cameras are available equipped with the zoom lens so that more or less of that scene being included by means of ‘zooming’ in and out. These types of changes in concentration length are generally reflected from the viewfinder and on significant display screen on the back of the camera.


  2. Have so much to say…
    yet no words come in my way..
    cant bear the silence
    i start thinking.. thats it,enough..
    cant bear the feeling anymore.
    im just so lonely,
    im not even sad…
    lie down on the bed
    i forgot myself,iv become too selfish
    im not me anymore,i look into my soul,its not me,,
    its someone else,i dont know her,
    she is different,she is bad..
    means im bad..
    i dont want to..
    but i am…
    try to forget u everynight,but she cannot control of my heart.
    i still miss ur every touch,ur every breath,ur every word,
    ur every touch,ur every kiss.
    even all the fights i miss..
    a tear rolls down my cheek alone,its to hard to be
    i cant help it .. i cant write,i cant tell u what inside
    my heart is stoned,but my soul is same,
    for my soul its not a game,its too hard
    but i will survive.. just wanna say
    noone is forgotten.. nothing is forgotten..
    please forgive me,i fold my hands,
    im standing on a razor blade
    maybe i wont be there,but pray for me.. someday u will understand
    if u dont.. just remember what i said


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