Together – Just you and me !


Just you and me,
holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes,
it’s been a while,
it’s been a long time;

lost in this madness of life,
closer but farther away,
from each other,
I don’t know what to do;

alone and lost,
this dream is all that keeps me alive,
keeps me and you alive,
waiting for the moment it becomes a reality;

counting the days,
to meet you on the other side,
high above the world,
over and over in my mind;

I close my eyes and I see you there,
I drift away to sleep and you are there,
waiting for me to escape reality and dive
into this dream, where you and me, together;

together, till the shining sun,
together, till madness rises again,
together, we will make this dream come true,
together sooner!

Paint me a picture of how it could be,
Me in your arms, you loving me,

Paint me a picture of sweet smelling bliss,
A soft gentle touch, your warm tender kiss,

Paint me a picture with stars in your eyes,
With sunshine and rainbows filling the skies,

Paint me a picture, with your finest brush,
Tender and quiet, like the sound of a hush,

Paint me a picture; use the colours of love,
And send it to me, on the wings of a dove.

Love – Happy !


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