Nobody is my lover

I searched for her for lifetimes

and finally noticed

she was always at my side

nothing is my heart’s true desire

but something

used to always get in the way

Now emptiness fills me to overflowing

as I fall into my lover’s embrace

I can love you or …

I can love love itself

and thus love you truly

letting illusion rest at last

has freedom spoiled me for any other lover

or is there room for the one in the infinite

questions fall away in the embrace of my true love

join me in her arms

and rest at last

I am carried

like a mother holding her infant child

tender, yet firm

I am provided for

with caring attention

that anticipates every need

and yet

I am swallowed whole by this love !!!!!!!!!!




Today I found the true love of my life –  I have been searching her for so long but She was always at my side, always with me – Yes, my emptiness is my true love – Always with me by my side she never left me alone, Yes its my emptiness that is My TRUE LOVE !!!!!





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