FYI – Search Engines on the Web .




    Country specific search of few countries is possible and provides option to select search engines.
    It searches large number of search engines and directories. You can search either by entering ‘Keyword’ OR ‘Phrase’ OR by asking ‘Question’.
    It search 20+ search engines and retrieve results separately. Also provides custom search options.
  • MetaSearch
    It offers as they claim, one of the most intelligent and advanced meta search engines available on the net today. FMS provides fast searches of the entire Net, or country-specific searches for more than 32 individual countries. Currently listed engines include Altavista, Excite, Infoseek, HotBot, Lycos, NorthernLight and Webcrawler.
    Searches 26 search engines at a time to give consolidated results on any topic of search
    About fourteen Web searching databases are searched by this meta search engine, including: AltaVista, Fast Search, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, MSN, and Yahoo. It is also available in other important European languages.
  • Metracrawler. com
    Searches different search engines to give consolidated results.
  • Metamonster. com
    MetaMonster is a new type of meta platform which enables you to search 519 search engines at once. And it speaks 23 languages.
    Right now in beta version, searches maximum number of search engines to give results. Provides facility to e-mail or print search results and search alert service. Subject directory is also included.
  • Researchville. com
    Lets you choose a search engine or several search engines to get the desired results.
  • Searchturtle. com
    Searches different search engines to give results. Provides option to make county specific searches. There is a provision of buttons to move around search results and websites. Latest news info also been provided on the site.


  • Thedancenet. com
    It is a search engine devoted to all kinds of dance from African Dancing to Zydeco Dancing
  • Entrez cross-database Search Engine
    It is a cross database search engine for Life sciences developed National Center for Biotechnology Information, NLM, USA.
  • Ipsearchengine. com
    IPSearchEngine is a single-source collection of the most important intellectual property research databases available.
  • Sciencesearch. com
    Known as Scirus, an Internet search tool developed specifically for finding scientific information. It has been brouhgt out by Elsevier Science Inc.



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