Tongue Twisters – Can U twist ur tongue ?

Tongue Twisters

Try the tongue twister. Make a mistake. Giggle. Appear to concentrate and get it right. Children love these kind of gimmicks. Tongue twisters are also a good exercise for improving vocabulary and getting the pronunciation right. The best part is all of us are rolling with laughter. There are many in vernacular mediums too and the truth is to say it aloud in a faster manner.

  A good cook could cook as much cookies as a good cook who could cook cookies

  I saw a saw that could out saw any other saw I ever saw.

  Black bug bit a big black bear. But where is the big black bear that the big black bug bit?

  A big bug bit the little beetle but the little beetle bit the big bug back.

  If you understand, say “understand”.
If you don’t understand, say “don’t understand”.
But if you understand and say “don’t understand”.
How do I understand that you understand? Understand!

  I thought, I thought of thinking of thanking you.

  I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I won’t wish the wish you wish to wish.

  I wish to wish the wish you wish to wish, but if you wish the wish the witch wishes, I won’t wish the wish you wish to wish.

  bubble bobble, bubble bobble, bubble bobble

  Sounding by sound is a sound method of sounding sounds.

  Lala Gope Gappungam Das.

  You curse, I curse, we all curse, for asparagus!

  Kacha papaya pacca papaya Kacha papaya pacca papaya Kacha papaya pacca papaya.

  Sanjeev’s sixth sheep is sick.

  Betty bought butter but the butter was bitter, so Betty bought better butter to make the bitter butter better.

  A sailor went to sea To see, what he could see. And all he could see Was sea, sea, sea.

  Purple Paper People, Purple Paper People, Purple Paper People

  Sounding by sound is a sound method of sounding sounds.

  Kacha papaya pacca papaya Kacha papaya pacca papaya Kacha papaya pacca papaya.

  Once a fellow met a fellow In a field of beans. Said a fellow to a fellow, “If a fellow asks a fellow, Can a fellow tell a fellow What a fellow means?”

  I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

  She sells sea shells on the sea shore she sells sea shells no more

  A skunk sat on a stump. The stump thought the skunk stunk. the skunk thought the stump stunk . What stunk the skunk or the stump?

  Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
if Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
wheres the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

  Tie a knot, tie a knot.
Tie a tight, tight knot.
Tie a knot in the shape of a nought.

  The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick.

  Swan swam over the sea,
Swim, swan, swim!
Swan swam back again
Well swum, swan!

  A Tudor who tooted a flute
tried to tutor two tooters to toot.
Said the two to their tutor,
“Is it harder to toot
or to tutor two tooters to toot?


madan, mohan, malveya madras mein machhli maarte maarte mare

2Chaar Kachari Kachche Chacha,
Chaar Kachari Pakke.
Pakki Kachari Kachche Chacha,
Kachchi Kachari Pakke!
3Raja Gope Gopal Gopaggam Daaspersonal name
4imageek ooncha oont hai, poochh oonchi oont ki, poochh se bhi oonchi kya, peeth oonchi oont ki
5Khadak Singh ke khadakane se khadakati hain khidkiyan, khidkiyon ke khadakane se khadakata hai Khadak Singh.
6Jo hase ga wo fase ga.
Jo fase ga wo hase ga.
7Chandu ke chacha ne chandu ki chachi ko chandni-chowk
mein chaandi ki chammach se chatni chackaee.
8Samajh samajh ke samajh ko samjho.
Samajh samajh ke samajh ko samajhna hi samajh hai.
Jo samajh ko samajh kar bhi na samajhe
Voh….kya hai? Nasamajh hai.
9imageChacha ne chachi ko Chandni Chonk me chandi ke chamach se chatni chatai!
10kaccha papad, pakka papad.
11mar ham bi gaye, marham ke liye, marham na mila. ham dam se gaye, hamdam ke liye, hamdam na mila
12uth unchi,
uth ki pheet unchi,
phoonch uth ki unchi
13Ente sanchi, chanthayil thaicha sanchi
14rakshi shaktishali shasak
15Dubey dubai mein doob gaya
16tola ram tala tol ke tel mein tul gaya
tula hua tola tale ke tale hue tel mein tala gaya
17nazar nazar me har ek naraz me hume us nazar ki talash thi. wo narazar mili to sahi par us nazar me ab wo nazar kahan thi.
18samjh samjh ke samjh ko samjho..samjha samjhna
bhi ek samjh hai..samjh samjhke jo na samjhe ..meri samajh me wo na samajh hai!
19faalse ka faasla
20Unth uncha, Unth ki peeth unchi. Unchi poonchh unth ki.
21Dali dali pe najar dali, kisine achchi dali, kisine buri dali, Jis dali pe maine najar dali wohi dali kisine tod dali.
22Lapak Babuliya Lapak, ab Naa Lapakwe to Lapakwe Kab
23Peetal ke patile mein paka hua papita
24pake ped par pakka papita pakda ped ya pakka papita

Rough Translations

  1. up Madan, Mohan and Malveya got killed while trying to kill fish in Madras.
  2. up Four fritters (Kachari) are half-cooked uncle. Four fritters are well-cooked. The well-cooked fritters are half-cooked uncle. The half-cooked fritters are well-cooked!!!!
  3. up There is a tall camel, the tail of the camel is high, more than the tail, the back of the camel is higher.
  4. up When Khadak Singh shakes, the windows shake; when the windows shake, Khadak Singh shakes.
  5. up He who laughs will get trapped. He who gets trapped will laugh.
  6. up Chandus’ uncle asked Chandus’ aunt to taste a pickle with the help of a silver spoon at Chandni-chowk.
  7. up Understand wisdom by wisdom. Understanding wisdom by being wise is true wisdom. Who does not understand wisdom even after understanding it, He is…what? Unwise.
  8. up Uncle fed auntie at Chandni Chonk with a silver spoon!
  9. up Uncooked papadum, cooked papadum.
  10. up I died because I needed some ointment for my wounds and I did not get it. I died because I yearned for my beloved and I could not get her.
  11. up (?)
  12. up My bag, stitched at the market
  13. up ruler with demonic powers
  14. up Dubey drowned in Dubai.
  15. up Based on traditional legend dedicated to my grandfather Tola Ram who made it posible.
  16. up (?)
  17. up Understand understanding by understanding it … To understand understanding is an understanding itself … The one who doesn’t understand understanding even after understanding it … Per my understanding that person just doesn’t understand.
  18. up distance of just a small cherry like fruit
  19. up Camel is high, Camel’s back is high. Tail of the camel is high.
  20. up “dali” refers to a girl. People looked at girls, some looked in good sense, some in bad, to whom I looked somebody already stole it.
  21. up Catch boy catch, if not now then when to catch!
  22. up Cooked papaya in a copper vessel


One comment on “Tongue Twisters – Can U twist ur tongue ?


    Arabic (Kuwaiti)
    Târiq tag Taqi
    Tariq hit Taqi
    Khamees kumash khashim Habash
    Khamees caught the nose of Habash

    Мишчица на Копривщица (Miščica na Koprivštica)
    a mouse in Koprivštica
    Петър плет плете (Petar plet plete),
    през три пръта преплита (prez tri prata preplita).
    Плети Петко, плета падна – Петко плети (Pleti Petko, pleta padna- Petko pleti).
    Шише се суши на шосе (Šiše se suši na šose).
    A bottle is drying on the road.
    Сухо прасе просо пасе (Suho prase proso pase)
    The thin pig is feeding on millet
    [ contents ]

    Setze jutges d’un jutjat mengen fetge d’un penjat. Si el penjat es despengés, els setze jutges del jutjat no menjarien més fetge del penjat.
    Sixteen judges from a court eat a hangman’s liver. If the hangman unhangs himself, the sixteen judges wouldn’t eat the hangman’s liver.

    Chinese (Mandarin) (绕口令)
    Chī pútao bù tǔ pútao pí, bù chī pútao dáo tǔ pútao pí
    When eating grapes don’t spit out the skin, when not eating grapes spit out the skin
    sì shí sì, shí shì shí, shísì shí shísì, sìshí shí sìshí, sìshísì zhi bùshízǐ zhi shíshīzǐ shì sǐ de.
    4 is 4, 10 is 10, 14 is 14, 40 is 40, 44 illiterate stone lions are dead.
    山前住的颜圆眼, (shān qián zhù de yányuányǎn)
    山后住的颜眼圆, (shān hòu zhù de yányǎnyuán)
    两人山前来比眼, (liǎng rén shān qián lái bǐ yǎn)
    也不知道颜圆眼比颜眼圆的圆眼, (yě bù zhīdào yányuányǎn bǐ yányǎnyuán de yuányǎn)
    也不知道颜眼圆比颜圆眼的眼圆 (yě bù zhīdào yányǎnyuán bǐ yányuányǎn de yǎnyuán)

    Na vrh brda vrba mrda.
    On the top of the riverbank the willow is swaying.
    Hrvoje sa Hvara hrani hrčka
    Hrvoje from Hvar island is feeding a hamster
    Cvrči cvrči cvrčak na čvoru crne smrče.
    A cricket sings and sings on a knobby branch of a black spruce.

    Han plukker frugt med en brugt frugtplukker.
    He picks fruit with a used (second-hand) fruit picker.
    Rød grød med fløde.
    Red pudding with cream.
    Røde rødøjede rådne ørreder.

    Lientje leerde Lotje lopen langs de lange Lindenlaan. Toen Lotje niet wou lopen, liet Lientje Lotje lekker staan.
    Lientje taught Lotje to walk along the Long Lime-tree Lane, when Lotje didn’t want to walk, Lientje left Lotje standing there.
    Onder de roomse kerk met drie droge doeken.
    Below the Roman Catholic Church with three dry tea-cloths.
    De koetsier poetst de postkoets.
    The coachman cleans the coach.
    De kat krabt de krullen van de trap.
    The cat crabs the curls off the stairs.
    Frans zegt tegen Frans in het Frans ‘is Frans in het Frans Frans?’ ‘Nee,’ zegt Frans tegen Frans in het Frans, ‘Frans is in het Frans Français’.
    Frans says to Frans in French ‘is Frans in French Frans?’ ‘No,’ says Frans to Frans in French, ‘French in
    French is Français!’.
    Als vliegen achter vliegen vliegen, vliegen vliegen vliegensvlug.
    If flies fly behind flies, flies will fly like lightning.
    Als een potvis in een pispot pist, heb je een pispot vol met potvispis.
    If a sperm-whale pees into a piss-pot, you’ll have a piss-pot full of sperm-whale piss.
    Als achter vliegen vliegen vliegen, vliegen vliegen vliegensvlug.
    If flies fly behind flies, flies fly rapidly.
    Zeven Zaventemse zotten zwommen zeven zonnige zondagen zonder zwarte zwembroek. Zuster Zulma zaliger zei; “Ze zijn zij zeker zot ! Ze zullen zinken!”
    Seven madmen from Zaventem swam seven sunny sundays without black swimmingsuit. Late sister Zulma (a name) said; “They must be mad! They will sink!”
    De meid snijdt recht, de knecht snijdt scheef.
    The maid cuts straight, the servant cuts crooked.
    Toen hij de heide heide, heide hij de heide plat.
    When he drove the heather, he drove the heather flat.
    Achtentachtig prachtige Oegstgeestse grachten.
    Eighy-eight marvellous canals in Oegstgeest.
    Effe op ‘t Rijswijkseplein vijfenvijftig ijzeren schijthuispijpleidingen halen.
    Just fetch fifty-five iron outhouse drainpipes from the Rijswijkseplein.
    Ik mix whisky met een whiskymixer.
    I mix whisky with a whisky mixer.
    Moeder snijdt zeven scheve sneetjes brood.
    Mother is cutting seven slices of bread in a slanting/crooked way.
    [ contents ]

    Ĉu ŝi scias, ĉu ĉi-scene la sklavo ŝtelas la sceptron?
    Does she know if the slave steals the sceptre during this scene?
    Serpo servu cin por ĉerpo el cerbo de serba cervo.
    May a billhook serve thee to scoop out a Serbian deer’s brain.
    [ contents ]

    Mustan kissan paksut posket.
    Black cats’ fat cheeks.
    Appilan pappilan apupapin papupata pankolla kiehuu ja kuohuu.
    The curates’ beanpot is boiling and boiling over on the stove in the rectory of the parents-in-law.
    Vesihiisi sihisi hississä.
    A water troll was hissing in the elevator.
    Kärpänen sanoi kärpäselle: tuu kattoon kattoon ku kaveri tapettiin tapettiin.
    A Fly said to another fly: come to the ceiling to see as our friend was killed on the wallpaper.
    Ruislaari, ohralaari, kauralaari
    Rye bin, barley bin, oat bin

    French – Virelangues
    Les chaussettes de l’archi-duchesses sont-elles sèches, arch-sèches?
    Are the archduchess’ socks dry, very dry?
    Un chasseur sachant chasser sait chasser sans son chien.
    A hunter who knows how to hunt knows how to hunt without his dog.
    Si six scies scient six-cent-six scies, ces six-cent-six scies seront sciées.
    If six saws saw six hundred six saws, those six hundred six saws will be sawed.
    Rose Sélavy et moi esquivons les ecchymoses des Esquimaux aux mots exquis. (Marcel Duchamp)
    Rose Sélavy and I tell lies to eskimos in exquisite words.
    [ contents ]

    ბაყაყი წყალში ყიყინებს (baqaqi cqalši qiqinebs)
    The frog is croaking in the water

    German – Zungenbrecher
    Fischers Fritz fischt frische Fische.
    The Fischer’s son Fritz is fishing for fresh fish.
    Kluge kleine Katzen kratzen keine Krokodile.
    Clever little cats don’t scratch crocodiles.
    Esel essen Nesseln nicht, Nesseln essen Esel nicht.
    Donkeys don’t eat nettles, and nettles don’t eat donkeys.
    Mäh’n Äbte Heu? Äbte mäh’n nie Heu. Äbte mäh’n Gras.
    Do Abbots mow hay? Abbots never mow hay, they mow grass
    Wenn hinter Fliegen Fliegen fliegen, fliegen Fliegen Fliegen hinterher.
    In Ulm und um Ulm und um Ulm herum.
    Die Katze tritt die Treppe krumm.
    Der Cottbusser Postkutscher putzt den Cottbusser Postkutschkasten.
    Der Barmixer mixt mit Whisky.
    Wachmaske, Meßwechsel, Meßwechsel, Wachsmaske

    Greek – Γλωσσοδέτες (Glossodetes)
    Ἄσπρη πέτρα ξέξασπρη κι ἀπ᾿ τὸν ἤλιο ξεξασπρώτερη
    (Áspri pétra xéxaspri ke ap ton ílio xexaspróteri)
    A white stone, very white, whiter than the sun.
    Μιὰ πάπια μὰ ποιά πάπια;
    (Miá pápia ma piá pápia)
    A duck but which duck).
    Η αθασιά της Αϊσές αν έχει αθάσια, ας έχει.
    (I athasiá tis Aishés an éshei atháshia, as éshei)
    /i aθa’ʃa t̪is à.i’ʃɛs an ɛʃi a’θaʃʲa, as ɛʃʲi/

    Qaqqap qaani kumak qarrakoq.
    Squashed flea on top of a mountain
    I’m tired of holding this backpack
    Do I look a little Arab?
    Sakkutuut Sallutuut Sakkortuut
    Strong lying soldiers
    Eqeqqukikequtima Kukikequtaa
    The reason for my small nail in my pinky
    [ contents ]

    (Nachash nashach nachash) נָחָשׁ נָשַׁךְ נָחָשׁ
    a snake bit a snake
    (titita tata? – lo tititi tata, tetate oto ata!) טיאטאת ת’תא? – לא טאטאתי ת’תא, תטאטא אותו אתה!
    Did you clean the locker? – I didn’t clean the locker, you clean it!
    (Sarah shara shir same’ach) שָׂרָה שָׁרָה שִׂיר שָׁמְחַ
    Sarah is singing a happy song
    (bakbuk bli pkak) בַּקְבּוּק בְּלִי פְּקָק
    a bottle without a cork

    Hungarian – Nyelvtörő
    Fekete bikapata kopog a patika pepita kövezetén
    A black bull-hoof knocks on the pharmacy’s tesselated pavement.
    Mit sütsz, kis szűcs? Sós húst sütsz, kis szűcs?
    What do you bake, little furrier? Do you bake salty meat, little furrier?
    Sárga bögre, görbe bögre.
    Yellow mug, crooked mug.
    Egy kupac kopasz kukac, meg még egy kupac kopasz kukac, az két kupac kopasz kukac.
    One heap of bald maggots plus another heap of bald maggots makes two heaps of bald maggots.
    Nem minden tarka szarka farka tarkabarka, csak a tarkabarka fajta szarka farka tarkabarka.
    The tails of not all dappled magpies are calico, only the tails of the calico magpies are calico.
    Az ipafai papnak fapipája van, ezért az ipafai papi pipa papi fapipa.
    The priest of Ipafa has a wooden pipe, therefore the priest-pipe of Ipafa is a priest-woodpipe.
    Te tetted e tettetett tettet? Tettetett tettek tettese, te!
    Did you do this feigned deed? You doer of feigned deeds!
    [ contents ]

    Ái á Á, á á í á.
    Grandfather from “Á” farm has a sheep in a river.

    Ular melingkar-lingkar di pagar bundar-bundar.
    A snake rounds on the fence really circularly.
    Saya sebal sama situ sebab situ suka senyum-senyum sama suami saya sehingga sekarang suami saya suka senyum-senyum sendiri sembari sama saya.
    I hate you because you used to smile at my husband; now he likes to smile for no obvious reason when he is with me.

    Irish (Gaelic)
    Ná bac le mac an bhacaigh is ní bhacfaidh mac an bhacaigh leat!
    Don’t bother with the son of the beggarman and the son of the beggarman won’t bother you!
    An bhfacha tú an bacach, nó an bhfacha tú a mhac? Ní fhaca mé an bacach is ní fhacha mé a mhac, ach dá bhfeicfinnse an bacach nó dá bhfeicfinnse a mhac, ní bhacfainn leis an bacach is ní bhacfainn lena mhac!
    Did you see the oaf or did you see his son? I didn’t see the oaf nor did I see his son, but if I should see the oaf or should I see his son, I’d ignore the oaf and I’d ignore his son!

    Italian – Scioglilingua
    Sopra la panca la capra campa, sotto la panca la capra crepa.
    On the bench the goat lives, under the bench the goat dies.
    Trentatré trentini entrarono a Trento tutti e trentatré trotterellando.
    Thirty-three dwellers of Trent came into Trent, all thirty-three trotting and toddling.
    Tre tigri contro tre tigri.
    Three tigers against three tigers.
    Se l’arcivescovo di Costantinopoli si disarcivescoviscostantinopolizzasse, vi disarcivescoviscostantinopolizzereste voi come si è disarcivescoviscostantinopolizzato l’arcivescovo di Costantinopoli?
    If the archibishop of Constantinople debishopconstantinoplized himself, would you debishopconstantinoplize yourselves in the same way as the archibishop of Constantinople debishopconstantinoplized?
    Dietro a quel palazzo c’è un povero cane pazzo, date un pezzo di pane a quel povero pazzo cane.
    Behind that palace there is a poor mad dog. Give a piece of bread to that poor mad dog.
    [ contents ]

    Buta wa buta no uta o utau.
    The pig sings the pig’s song.
    Niwa no niwa ni wa, niwa no niwatori wa niwaka ni wani o tabeta.
    In (Mr) Niwa’s garden, two chickens suddenly ate a crocodile.
    Nama mugi, nama gome, nama tamago
    Raw wheat, raw rice, raw egg

    Kala kula kelas kalih, kula kilak kalo kalih kuli-kuli kula, kalo kula kéli, kali kilén kula, kalo kula kampul-kampul, kula kelap kelip kala-kala keling-keling.
    When I was in the 2nd grade, I bought kalo* with my servant, my kalo’s down to the river, the river west of my home, my kalo’s flowing in the river, I use my eyes when the kalo is looking.
    [ contents ]

    간장공장 공장장은 강 공장장이고,
    된장공장 공장장은 공 공장장이다
    kan-jang-kong-jang kong-jang-jang-eun kang kong-jang-jang-ee-go,
    dwen-jang-kong-jang kong-jang-jang-eun kong kong-jang-jang-ee-da.
    The president of the soysauce factory is president Kang,
    and the president of the bean paste factory is president Kong.
    육통 통장 적금통장은 황색 적금통장이고
    팔통 통장 적금통장은 녹색 적금통장이다
    Yug-tong tong-chang cheog-geum-tong chang-uen hwang-saeg cheog-geum-tong-chang-i-go
    p’ar-tong tong-chang cheog-geum-tong chang-uen nog-saeg cheog-geum-tong-chang-i-da
    6 dong bank book savings book is the yellow bank savings book
    8 dong bank book savings book is the green bank savings book
    고려고 교복은 고급 교복이고
    고려고 교복은 고급 원단을 사용했다
    Gohryeogoh gyo-pog-eun go-geub gyo-pog-i-go
    Gohryeogoh gyo-pog-eun go-geub won-dan-eur sa-yong-haess-da
    Gohryeogoh uniforms are high quality uniforms
    Gohryeogoh uniforms are high quality materials
    목동 로얄 뉴로얄 레스토랑 뉴메뉴
    미트소시지소스스파게티, 크림소시지소스스테이크
    Mokdong ro-yal nyu-ro-yar re-seu-t’o-rang nyu-me-nyu
    Mi-teu-so-shi-chi-so-seu-seu-p’a-ge-t’i, k’eu-rim-so-shi-chi-so-seu-seu-t’e-i-keu
    Mokdong Royal New Royal Restaurant new menu
    Meat sausage sauce spaghetti, cream sausage sauce steak
    민주주의의 의의
    min-ju-ju-ee-eh oi-ee
    Democracy’s significance
    [ contents ]

    Maziņš eža puskažociņš uz šaursliežu dzelzsceļa.
    A little half-length, hedgehog fur coat on a narrow-gauge railroad track.

    Šešios žąsys su šešiais žąsyčiais.
    Six geese with six little geese.
    Geri vyrai geroj girioj gerą girą gėrė, gerdami gyrė “geroj girioj gerą girą gera gerti”.
    Recordings: fast / slow
    Good men in good forest drank a good kvass, while drinking praised “it is good to drink good kvass in a good forest”.
    Recordings by Dainius Petravicius
    [ contents ]

    le crisa srasu cu rirci crino
    the summer grass is unusually green
    mi na djuno le du’u klama fa makau la makaus. makau makau makau
    I don’t know who came to Macao, nor whence, which way or by which means
    [ contents ]

    Toni tagħna tani tina talli tajtu tuta tajba
    Our Tony gave a fig because I gave him a good berry.
    Manx – Cass-ockle (teeth breakers)
    Ta’n bear gaih gee burgeyr
    The teddy bear is eating a burger
    [ contents ]

    Dii dii thii Billy Lee bilii.
    These four horses are Billy Lee’s horses.

    Ibsens ripsbærbusker og andre buskevekster.
    The redcurrant bushes of Ibsen and other bushy trees. (bokmål)
    Pappa pakker pappesker fort.
    Dad’s packing cardboard boxes fast.
    Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
    [ contents ]

    Polish – łamaniec językowy
    W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie.
    I Szczebrzeszyn z tego słynie.
    Wół go pyta: „Panie chrząszczu,
    Po cóż pan tak brzęczy w gąszczu?ˮ
    In the town of Szczebrzeszyn a cricket buzzes in the reeds
    And that is why Szczebrzeszyn is famous.
    An ox asks him: “Mister cricket,
    Why are you buzzing in the bushes?
    – a poem by Jan Brzechwa that’s famous for being one of the most difficult Polish texts to pronounce.
    W czasie suszy szosa sucha.
    A way is dry when there’s drought.
    Król Karol kupił Królowej Karolinie korale koloru koralowego.
    King Karl bought Queen Caroline coral-colored bead.
    Stół z powyłamywanymi nogami.
    A table with broken legs.
    We szwy płaszcza się zaszywszy w szyku marsza trzy wszy weszły
    Hiding in seams of a coat, three lice entered in a marching formation
    Co wydrze wydrę wydrze? Wydrę wydrze wydrze wydra.
    What will extort a small otter from an otter? The small otter will extort a small otter from the otter.
    Nie pieprz Pietrze wieprza pieprzem, bo przepieprzysz wieprza pieprzem.
    Peter, don’t pepper the boar because you might over-pepper it.
    Chciały chrząszcze chwiać choinką
    Chociaż chuderlaczki.
    Chwiały, chwiały, chichotały:
    – Chytre z nas chłopaczki.
    Beetles wanted to rock the christmas tree
    although they were weaklings.
    They were rocking it and rocking it, giggling:
    – We are clever little boys.
    Wyindywidualizowaliśmy się z rozentuzjazmowanego tłumu
    We have separated from a mob of people excited (eager) about something

    Portuguese – travalínguas
    O doce perguntou pro doce qual doce que era mais doce.
    O doce respondeu pro doce que o doce mais doce era o doce de batata doce.
    The sweet asked the sweet which sweet was sweeter.
    The sweet answered the sweet that the sweeter sweet was the sweet potato sweet.
    Sabia que o sabiá sabia assobiar?
    Did you know that the thrush could whistle?
    O rato roeu a roupa do rei de Roma.
    The rat nibbled the King of Rome’s clothes.
    O rato roeu a rolha da garrafa de rum do rei da Rússia.
    The rat nibbled the cork of the bottle of rum of the king of Russia.
    Um prato de trigo para três tigres.
    One dish of wheat to three tigers
    Três tristes tigres.
    Three sad tigers
    Um sábio soube saber que o sabiá sabia assobiar.
    A wise man knew to know that a bird knew to whistle.
    Xico xereta chupava chupeta chutou a caixinha puxou a gaveta.
    Curious Xico sucked the pacifier, kicked the box pulled the shelf.
    [ contents ]

    Romanian – Încurcături de limbă
    Capra neagră-n piatră sare, piatra crapă-n patru, crapă capul caprei negre precum piatra crapă-n patru. Piatra crapă capul caprei în patru, cum a crăpat și capra piatra-n patru.
    The chamois jumps on the stone, the stone splits in four, may the chamois’ head split as the stone splits in four. The stone splits the chamois’ head in four, as the chamois had split the stone in four too.

    Карл у Клары украл кораллы, а Клара у Карла украла кларнет.
    Karl u Klary ukral korally, a Klara u Karla ukrala klarinet.
    Carl stole corals from Clara, and Clara stole a clarinet from Carl.
    Корабли лавировали, лавировали, да не вылавировали.
    Korabli lavirovali, lavirovali, da ne vylavirovali.
    Шла Саша по шоссе и сосала соску
    Šla Saša po šosse i sosala sosku
    Sasha was walking down the highway and had a pacifier in her mouth.
    У перепела и перепёлки пять перепелят
    U perepela i perepëlki pjat’ perepeljat
    A quail and a female quail have five little quails
    У Сашки в кармашке шишки да шашкУ Сашки в кармашке шишки да шашки
    U Saški v karmaške šiški da šaški
    Sasha has cones for checkers in his packet
    В семеро саней семеро Семёнов с усами уселись в сани сами
    V semero sanej semero Semëenov s usami uselis’ v sani sami
    Seven Semens with moustaches got in the sleigh themselves
    На мели мы налима лениво ловили,
    Меняли налима вы мне на линя.
    О любви не меня ли вы мило молили,
    И в туманы лимана манили меня?
    Na meli my nalima lenivo lovili,
    Menjali nalima vy mne na linja.
    O ljubvi ne menja li vy milo molili,
    I v tumany limana manili menja?
    [ contents ]

    Scottish Gaelic – Rannan-teangaidh / Amalaidhean cainnte
    Cha robh laogh ruadh luath a-riamh, is cha robh laogh luath a-riamh reamhar.
    A brown calf was never swift, and a swift calf was never fat.
    Ged a mholadh tu am mol, chan fhàs am mol molach.
    Even though you praise the shingle beach, the shingle beach won’t become hairy.

    Бела кера пролајала (Bela kera prolajala)
    White dog started to bark.
    Чоканјчићем ћу те, чоканјчићем ћес ме (Čokanjčićem ću te, čokanjčićem ćeš me)
    I hit you with a čokanj, you hit me with a čokanj.
    (a čokanj is a small bottle used for serving serbian brandy)
    На врх брда врба мрда (Na vrh brda vrba mrda)
    On top of the hill a willow is moving
    Риба риби гризе реп (Riba ribi grize rep)
    A fish is biting another fish’s tail
    Горе горе горе горе! (Gore gore gore gore!)
    Forest fire is much worse uphill

    Ľaľa Paľo, na poli je tela.
    Look Pavol, there is calf on the field.
    Odideologizovany deziluzionizmus.
    deideologised desilusionism.
    Rozprostovlasatila sa dcéra kráľa Nabuchodonozora, alebo nerozprostovlasatila sa dcéra kráľa Nabuchodonozora.
    Did daughter of king Nebuchadnezzar make herself bareheaded, or didn’t daughter of king Nebuchadnezzar make herself bareheaded.
    V našej peci myši pištia, v našej peci psík spí.
    Mice are squeeking in the oven, a little dog is sleeping in the oven.

    Škof v škaf skoči
    The bishop jumps into a tub
    Iz Jež’ce čez cesto v Stož’ce po rož’ce
    From Jež’ca across the road to Stož’ce to get some flowers
    – Jež’ca and Stož’ce are a parts of the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana
    – this one is the name Marko repeated rapidly and becoming komar (mosquito) at the end
    Ta suhi škafec pušča
    – This little (wooden) pail is leaking

    Soutern Sotho
    Paqama ke o qoqele moqoqo o qabolang.
    Ke tla o qalla qalong ke o qetelle qetellong.
    Ke tla o qalla ka Qabane oa Quthing ke o qetelle ka Nqoko oa Qoqolosing.
    Lie back and let me tell you a funny story.
    I’ll start from the beginning and stop at the end.
    I’ll start with Qabane of Quthing and finish with Nqoko of Qoqolosing.

    Spanish – trabalenguas
    El cielo está enladrillado. ¿Quién lo desenladrillará?
    El desenladrillador que lo desenladrille, ¡buen desenladrillador será!
    The sky is full of bricks. Who will put them out now?
    The “unbricker” who could put them out, will be such a good “unbricker”!
    El perro de San Roque no tiene rabo porque Ramón Rodríguez se lo ha robado.
    Saint Roque’s dog has no tail because Ramón Rodríguez has stolen it.
    Tres tristes tigres tragaban trigo en tres tristes trastos en un trigal
    Three sad tigers were eating wheat in three sad (lousy) dishes in a wheat field.
    Parangaricutirimicuaro or Nuevo San Juan Parangaricutiro is a town in Mexico
    Mi mamá me mima mucho.
    Mum spoils me a lot.
    El bebé bebe bebidas.
    The baby drinks sodas.
    Pedro Pérez Pereira, pobre pintor portugués, pinta preciosos paisajes por poco precio para poder pasar por parís.
    Pedro Perez Pereira, poor Portuguese painter, he paints low cost landscapes at low price so he can pass by Paris
    Pablito clavó un clavito, un clavito clavó pablito.
    Me han dicho un dicho que han dicho que he dicho yo.
    Ese dicho está mal dicho; si lo hubiera dicho yo,
    estaría mejor dicho que el dicho que han dicho que he dicho yo.
    I’ve heard a quote which they say I said.
    That quote is misquoted; if I had said it,
    it would be better said than the quote which they say I said.
    erre con erre: cigarro. erre con erre: barríl
    Rapido ruedan los carros
    por los rieles del ferrocarril

    Watu wale wawili wa Watu wala wali.
    People those two of Watu habitually eat boiled rice.

    Sex laxar i en laxask.
    Six salmon in a salmon-box.
    Packa pappas kappsäck.
    Pack daddy’s suitcase.
    Sju sjösjuka sjömän sköttes av sju sköna sjuksköterskor.
    Seven seasick sailors were nursed by seven beautiful nurses.
    Klockan sju sitter en sjuk katt på skivan och sjunger.
    At 7 o’clock a sick cat is sitting on a disc and singing.
    Ebbas pappa, pappas Ebba. Min pappa och min bror bor på Parkgatan i Bårgå.
    Ebbas’ father, fathers’ Ebba. My father and my brother are living on Park Road in Borgå/Porvoo.
    Far, Får får får? Nej, inte får får får, får får lamm.
    Father, do sheep have sheep? No, sheep don’t have sheep, sheep have lambs?
    Knut stod vid en knut och knöt en knut, så knöt Knut knuten och så var knuten knuten.
    Knut stood by a corner and knotted a knot, so knotted Knut the knot and the knot was knotted
    Droskkusken Max kuskar med fuxar och fuskar med droskkusktaxan.
    The horse cab driver Max drives with chestnut horses and cheats with the horse cab fee.
    Kvistfritt kvastskaft.
    Knag-free broomstick
    Ställ det i stället i stället.
    Put it in the rack instead
    Flyg, fula fluga flyg, och den fula flugan flög.
    Fly, ugly fly, and the ugly fly flew.
    [ contents ]

    Minekaniko nang mekaniko ni Monico ang makina nang Minica ni Monica.
    Monico’s mechanic mechanically fixed the Minica of Monica.
    Ginago nang gago ang gaga na nagpagago sa gago.
    Idiot 1 fooled idiot 2 who let idiot 1 fool himself.
    Bababa ba? Bababa!
    Will we go down? Yes, we will go down!
    Ngumunguya at nangunguyakoy nang paa si Ka Ngarding.
    A man is chewing and moving his feet all at the same time.
    Nagprito ng pitumpu’tputong puto ang pumipitong puting pato.
    The whistling white duck fried seventy seven white rice cakes.
    Pitumpú’t pitóng putíng patíng.
    77 white sharks
    Bumilí ako ng bituka ng butikì sa botika.
    I bought lizard’s guts in the boutique
    Nakakapágpabagábag kapág kinakábag ka.
    It is disturbing when with gas
    Notebook at aklát, notebook at aklát, notebook at aklát.
    Notebook and book
    Kuku kaki kakak kakekku kaku.
    My great uncle’s toenails are rigid
    Palakang Kabkab, kumakalabukab, kaka-kalabukab pa lamang, kumakalabukab na naman.
    Sumasaway ng pasaway ang nagsasaway na sanay magsaway.

    ยักษ์ใหญ่ไล่ยักษ์เล็ก ยักษ์เล็กไล่ยักษ์ใหญ่ (yakyai laiyak lekyak lek lai yakyai)
    a big ogre chases a small ogre, a small ogre chases a big ogre
    เช้าฝาดผัดฟัก เย็นฟาดฟักผัด (chao fāt phat fak yen fāt fak phat)
    eat stir-fried pumpkin in the morning, eat pumpkin stir-fried in the late afternoon
    ชาม เขียวคว่ำเช้า ชามขาวคว่ำค่ำ
    (cham khiao khwam chao cham khao khwam kham)
    The green bowl is turned upside down in the morning,
    The white bowl is turned upside down in the evening
    ไหมใหม่ไม่ไหม้ ใช่ไหม
    (mái mai mài mài chài mái)
    New silk doesn’t burn, does it?

    More Thai tongue twisters

    Bir berber bir berbere gel beraber Berberistanda bir berber dükkanı açalım demiş.
    One barber said to another barber, “Come, let’s go together and open a barber shop in [the mythical country of] Barberia.”
    Kartal kalkar dal sarkar, dal sarkar kartal kalkar.
    The eagle takes off, the branch bends; the branch bends, the eagle takes off.
    Çekoslovakyalılaştıramadıklarımızdan mısınız, yoksa çekoslovakyalılaştırdıklarımızdan mısınız?

    Are you one of the ones that we couldn’t turn into Czechoslovakians, or are you one of the ones that we did turn into Czechoslovakians?
    [ contents ]

    Галасливі ґави й галки в гусенят взяли скакалки. Гусенята їм ґелґочуть, що й вони скакати хочуть. (Galaslyvi gavy y galky w goosenyat vzyaly scacalky. Goosenyata yim gelgochutj, scho y wony scacaty hochutj.)
    Noisy crows and jackdaws took the skipping-ropes from goslings. Goslings cackles that they want to jump (over the skipping rope).
    Не турбуйте курку – клює курка крупку.
    (Ne tourbuyte courcu – cluye courca croupcu.)
    Don’t disturb the hen – she is pecking the cereals.
    На узліссі довелося наполохать Лесі лося. Лось – у ліс, а з лісу – лис.
    Na uzleessi dovelosya napolokhatj Lessi losya. Losj – u lees, a z leesu lis.
    [ contents ]

    Mae Llewellyn y llyfrgellydd o Lanelli wedi llyfu llawer o lyfaint.
    Llewellyn, the librarian from Llanelli, licked many toads.
    Oer yw eira ar Eryri.
    Cold is the snow on Snowdon.
    Caseg winau, coesau gwynion,
    Croenen denau, carnau duon;
    Carnau duon, croenen denau,
    Coesau gwynion caseg winau.
    Bay mare, white legs,
    Scraggy skin, black hooves;
    Black hooves, scraggy skin,
    White legs, bay mare.
    Tarw corniog, torri cyrnau,
    Heglau baglog, higlau byglau;
    Higlau byglau, heglau baglog,
    Torri cyrnau tarw corniog.

    Iqaqa lazi qikaqika eqikeni lazi laqhawuka uqoqoqo.
    The skunk rolled down the hill and broke his windpipe.
    Qaqambile likuqale nini iqhakuva emqaleni? Gqhirha iqhakuva emqaleni lindiqale ngomqhibelo ndaqonda ukuba mandiqale kuwe kuqala.
    [ contents ]

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