Your power lies in the power of the Subconsious mind .

The power of a person lies in the power of the SUBCONSIOUS MIND

Some how when we say something to our spouse they are not able to accept us. Everything goes on smoothly but somewhere we see something is missing. What is it?

For example, when we say I will be at home at 7:00 p.m. and for some genuine reason we are not able to make it at 7:00 p.m. but we make it 8:00 p.m we loose respect for our words.  He or she is able to accept it but we end up in a fight. 

Same applies to our kids. For example, kids say when dad tells he will take us to this zoo this Sunday, for sure it is not going to be this Sunday but eventually it will happen by Monday or Tuesday. We end up giving false promises by not able to stand to our commitment.

This applies , in our organizations as well. We are not able to keep up our words. World is not able to accept what we say. 

The reason being it has been registered in the sub conscious mind that the words that was said wont be committed. We are not worthy of our words. As a result person loose his credibility. 

How do we start developing and become man of credibility?

First start developing within Do not give false promises to ourself. 

For example, We have our alarm at 5:00 in the morning to go for our morning exercises. As soon as the alarm goes on we tend to snooze the alarm and sleep for few more minutes. Start from there. As soon as the alarm rings get up and start your work.

Our mind is primarily made up of our sub conscious mind. 7/8 of our mind is sub conscious mind and 1/8th is the conscious mind. There are 8 capable soldiers for us who would definitely work for us provided we give them the energy.  

POWER OF THE MEN                               LIES IN THE                  POWER OF HIS MIND

POWER OF HIS MIND                               LIES IN THE                  POWER OF THE SUBCONSIOUS MIND




At last do not make a commitment unless you mean it. If you are going to be late tell your spouse that I will call you this evening and let you know when I will be coming home.

Start developing the credibility to yourself first, then to the people around you and to the world. LIFE will show the abundance.

The power of a person lies in the power of the SUBCONSIOUS MIND


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