Deep in my heart you will always remain !

This sadness in me right now,
Is giving me pain in a way that I don’t know how.
It’s just that I’m alone with nobody else,
My life sure is colorless.

I don’t know what or who I need.
I just want my heart stop the bleed.
It hurts all over me again and again,
I hope somebody could lend me a helping hand.

An injury I have in my heart.
I wish somebody could repair its parts.
But nobody sure is with me right now,
I just want to see you somehow.

These tears I cry for you,
Are not lies but they are true.
Alone I cry because of loneliness,
Right now, I am lifeless.

I need you especially now that I’m alone,
Can’t even talk to you on the phone.
Hope that someday, you’ll be here,
Here with me to wipe off my tear.

I need you as the deserts need the rain,
Deep in my heart you will always remain !

I need you like a baby needs its mother,
In my heart, except you, there is no one other !

I need you like the grass needs water,
When you are with me, I have nothing to bother !

I need you like a light in utter darkness,
You are really an epitome of kindness !

I need you as a hungry-one needs to eat,
Tell me, when are we going to meet !

I need you as life needs air,
In your judgement you are always fair !

I need you as a blind-one needs sight,
I think of you every day and night !

I need you as a deaf-one needs to hear,
Your absense, in my eyes brings many a tear !



With Love

Hemant khurana Happy



13 comments on “Deep in my heart you will always remain !

  1. its not bhav…. im tired of explaining to u… i cant concentrate on anything now… i know u will, but i cant help myself.. i video talk with radha today,they were so happy to see me,, she remembers u perfectly
    ha ha ha 🙂


  2. Hmmmmm someones getting serious haaaaan
    but why please I need you the way you are, I do not want you to ever change
    just be the way you are …
    and why you wrote that sms to me
    I know and I will go to embassy this time.
    dont worry.


  3. the only thing that in most times our ego is so large….that we dont see anything more further then it… want … and hurt all that surround u and truly love you.. and when the mirror is shown to us,,its so ugly our ego refuses to believe that its our own reflection..


  4. “People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life.”


  5. That very first night we talked on the phone,
    I never knew then I’d never be alone.
    You’re always with me even when we’re apart,
    Because you take up so much room inside my heart.
    You look past all my flaws as if they were not there,
    You’ve helped me through so much because you truly care,
    When I start to wonder what fate has in store for me,
    I look into your eyes, where the future I can see.
    Even as we grow old, one thing will remain the same,
    All the love we share will still burn a passionate flame.
    We’ve had our ups and downs, yet our love proves strong,
    As long as we have each other, nothing can go wrong.
    When I close my eyes, I see your loving face,
    And when I go to sleep, I dream of your embrace.
    When things look bad and life goes astray,
    You always know just what to say.
    When we pull each other close and hold each other tight,
    You tell me that you love me and make everything all right.


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