My Goodbye Letter (ADIOS) !

I’ll never forget that day when the world had not one sound, when sadness struck, broke my heart and swept on through my town.

I watched that day as you were taken, not one thing did seem fair, in all of life I’ve ever asked, for God to hear my prayers!

Afraid of what would likely be, the truth within my fears, onto my knees I knelt in place, my eyes burst into tears.

Red and sore I sat behind, hoping for a sign, and watched the team work tryingly and rush against the time.

A fight with fate would surely end when you could give no more, and as you looked up through the gates abroad became this door.

I watched you leave so peacefully, what’s it like up there? I knew you weren’t coming back, and wept for how unfair.

I knew that you’d be happier and heaven’s where you’d gone, I just wish you hadn’t left me here, such pain to carry on.

I wish that day were just a dream in which it washed away, I wish that I could wake up and found you here today.

Sometimes, I dream you’re with me; right beside me walking, as I dream that you are here, I can here you talking.

Light ascends beneath you, darkness knows it’s failed. I know not why you’re gone, but in this dream your love prevails.

You are my favorite angel, your brilliant wings disguised, undoubtedly I recognized you as an angel in the skies.

I whispered fast my favorite angel and always did you come, I’d ask you now and every day what more could I have done?

I relive that day most every day and wallow in your absence, this time that’s passed has only shown, how I’m living with such sadness.

You’d assure me there was nothing, that could’ve changed events that day; not prayers, nor hopes, a wishful thought, for that was just God’s way.

Each day becomes a challenge, one harder than the last, to remember what I loved the most, dear friend of mine that passed

The memories are fading, for no matter how I try, to keep them close within my heart,I just can’t say goodbye.

Would you even know what pain it is, to live without you longer? The qualities of all good life, why they have grown much stronger!

I’m living mine as you did yours, embracing life the same, thankful for the chance I’ve had, to remember your name.

I couldn’t be happier knowing, that suffering’s not permitted, or how many hearts and hopeless dreams that you had always lifted.

you gave the hopeless life on earth, the kid with not a dream. I wish that you were with me now to see just what I mean.

Because of you love has a meaning, and love is more profound, because of you, I have a dream, to make this world go round.

You loved as if there was no choice and but one way to care, you found your way to heaven and I know you’re waiting there,

So until the day we meet again, I’ll remember you and smile, and live my life as you did yours, a life to be worthwhile.




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