Make me a Blessing, Lord!

Make me a blessing, Lord! Help me

To help those needing help, to be

A blessing to my fellow men.

Instruct me to speak and when

To hold my speech, when to be bold

In giving and when to withhold;

And if I have not strength enough,

Then give me strength. Lord, make me tough

With my own self but tender toward

All others. Let there be outpoured

On me the gentleness to bless

All who have need of gentleness.

Give me a word, a touch to fill

The lonely life, faith for the ill,

And courage to keep hearts up though

My own is feeling just as low.

When men have bitter things to meet

And quail and would accept defeat,

Then let me lift their eyes to see

The vision of Thy victory.

Help me to help; help me to give

The wisdom and the will to live!

Lord make me a blessing in all I do and say.

I want to be a blessing in my work, home, and school and walk,

But Lord my prayer so often is a lot of empty talk.

Because My walk is lonely, My cross so hard to bear,

I ask of you just one thing, and that is when I  pray

Lord make me a blessing, say, I obey”.


with Love



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