~ Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa’s goal is to make the world a place to live peacefully. Her orphanages and charity houses are the God’s abodes where the destitute live in joy that they felt blessed to be under the loving care of the Mother.

She dreamt of a society without orphans as she put her life into her dreams and volunteered to adopt the helpless, the sick, and every destitute she came across in her search. Her dream is to see a society sans sorrow.

She spread the message of her dream but she never forced someone to fulfill those dreams for her. She always did it herself whatever was possible for her. And people all over the world recognized her social commitment and followed her of their own volition.

She was honest in her efforts to serve the humanity. She had the compassion in true sense that gave her the strength to manage the institutions she built across the world.

She never coveted for the awards or rewards. She felt rewarded if a dying soul was saved. She shared her kind words with the love exactly what Jesus wanted it to be. She loved with all the heart and soul. Her motherly touch was so soothing that even a patient on a death bed experienced the tranquility and peace instantly.

She dreamt peace in all aspects and we realize her dreams from time to time into the future. Her dream is an eternal dream for a better world filled with unconditional love.

“Every human being comes
from the hand of God,
and we all know something of God’s love for us.
Whatever our religion,
we know that if we really want to love,
we must first learn to forgive before anything else.”
~Mother Teresa


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