Love Or Lust – ?

Love Or Lust – Find Out

“Do I actually love this girl/guy or do I just want to get into his/her pants?” You must have asked yourself this question several times in your dating career.

Of course, love and lust are intertwined so inextricably that it’s often impossible to differentiate between the two. Somehow, you got to know this as it will help you decide whether you would actually ever contemplate getting married to her.

So read through and you will instantly find out which category you’re in:

It’s Lust if

Its Love if

Love Or Lust - Find Out

For him/her you are more than willing give up smoking for good, or put in more hours at work to get that promotion that has eluded you till now. His/Her presence makes you happy, and you would do anything to make him/her happier.

Lust is short lived. So unless its love you will soon grow tired of being with your present girlfriend/boyfriend and will give him/her up the second someone better comes along. Love, on the other hand, is long term. Even though at times they masquerade as each other, you would always be able to tell the difference.

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