Please dont leave me !!!

When I am alone thinking about you,
I want to hug you forever.
Whenever my lips utter your name,
I want to hug you forever.
When my eyes begin to see you,
and my ears hear your voice,
I want to hug you forever.
When my heart calls you
And in my imagination, I am holding you,
I want to hug you forever.
When I have that special moment with you
My love begins to flourish
and when my body touches yours,
I want to hug you forever.

Once young and naive, much more now he knows
And oh how he sees the way the world goes.
They speak of true love, but tis only a word
Money they crave and obey when it’s heard.
But Virtue once lost calls to him again
And he’ll die alone, than to lose this dear friend
He takes off his mask, revealing the fragile
His flesh ‘mongst cold stones, yet still very agile
Soft skin bearing bruises, so easily bleeds
Out red drops of love which also he needs
Two arms open wide, yet passers-by smug
Silently calling, for someone to hug.

Somewhere someone is thinking of you.
Someone is calling you an angel.
This person is using celestial colors to paint your image.
Someone is making you into a vision
So beautiful that it can only live in the mind.
Someone is thinking of the way your breath
Escapes your lips when you are touched.
How your eyes close and your jaw tightens with concentration
As you give pleasure a home.
These thoughts are saving a life somewhere right now.
Someone is calling out to you silently and

Afternoon Nap Angel Sculpture - Large

You are answering without even being there.
So crystalline. So pure.
Such life saving power when you smile.
You will never know how you have cauterized my wounds.
So sad that we will never touch.
How it hurts me to know that I will never
Be able to give you everything I have.

Yea Though I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death I Will Fear No Evil

Please dont leave me !

No matter how far you are or where you are
No matter how much space between us
But I will wait for you with hope in my heart
My love still lonely and search for your soul
Yes, it is miserable when you are not close to me
I am sure my world is better when you are in my arms
My love for you is pure, divine and grows sure in me
Your love has no condition on me and sets me free
Waiting for you to feel your gentle touch
Waiting for you to hear your soften voice
Waiting for you to get your huge hug
Waiting for you to get your deep kiss
Yes, I find all my happiness in loving you
No matter when or how soon you will come back
But my heart is waiting for you.


3 comments on “Please dont leave me !!!

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