MORAL STORIES of VIKRAM and BETAL – 4th Story Manikanta !

There lived a merchant in a town. He had one daughter Vidhyashree. The merchant performed the marriage of Vidhyashree with Manikanta who was the son of a merchant of the neighbour town. As Vidyashree was the only daughter the merchant retained Manikanta in his house. This made Vidyashree to hate her husband than love.

Manikanta did’nt understand his wife’s mind. One day he went to see his father. Vidhyashree was sitting in the balcony. A passer by youth saw Vidhyashree. She also saw him. Both loved each other. But the youth could not meet her. He left with his friends.

Vidhyashree was always thinking of the youth she saw. Few days passed. Vidyashree told her maid searvant; otherwise would die. The servant promised her that she would bring the youth by evening.

In the meanwhile the youth was also eager to see Vidyashree. The maid servant of Vidashree met him and invited him to come to Vidhyashree’s house in the evening and meet her in the garden.

The youth appeared in the garden in the evening. Vidhyashree saw him and embraced him in such a way that the youth could not loosen the embrace. But by the time he did it Vidyashree was found dead. The youth cried for her and he also dead.

In the morning the merchant got the information. Manikanta was summoned. He saw his wife found dead with another youth. He also died. The merchant prayed to goddess Chandikamba to bring their lives back. The goddess graced them. All the three woke up. The merchant took his daughter and son-in-law inside. The youth was ashamed of his behaviour and left the place.

Betaal now asked Vikram to tell whose love is great among the three.

Manikanta’s love is great, because even when his wife was found dead with another youth he did’nt get angry. But he died remembering her. Therefore his love is great”

Vikram replied.

Betaal laughed loudly and glided back to the tree.


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