The Highway to Heaven !

Lord, my life is a highway upward
My prayer is to travel it with you
A journey is so much sweeter
When the highway is shared by two.

Lord, let me travel the highway
The one You are traveling on
I have no worry about the twist and turns
Because I travel with You, my fears are gone.

There are peaks and valleys on this highway
And there will be showers of rain
If I should fall on the slick rocky edge
God’s hand will lift me up again.

Although I am unable to see all the pitfalls
I know God guides my footsteps each day
And He hears me when I pray
I am safe because He is leading the way

God created this lovely world
He charted the highway I trod
I see His countless miracles
How can I not believe in God?

The highway is surrounded by beauty I see
Flowers are blooming all around me
Little streams ripple as I pass by
And the warm sun is high in the blue sky.

And when today’s journey has ended
And I lay down to sleep
In my dreams to the edge I may tiptoe
And into tomorrow I may peek

Take hold of my hand and lead me
The end of my journey I see
As you guide me so joyfully
Through the doorway of eternity.



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