Where the hell is the Humanity Lost ??

How can these bastards not see the innocence in that gods angel ? how come these people do not have tears in their eyes to see that angel like this? how come ?? what the hell were you doing God ? where the hell is your HUMANITY ? where the hell are the humans with heart and souls with Love and Compassion true emotions in it ?? where the hell are you ?? why is your angel in such a condition? why did you not helped this angel ?

This Candy is not for Poor Kids. 😦
It is a natural fact that all kids love candy. However, is also a fact that not all kids have the luxury of being able to eat candy or in many cases even enough food to eat. People who live in third world and other poor countries simple don’t have enough money to be able to afford such luxuries as candy for their children. They are lucky if they can afford a roof over their heads and food to eat.

Lost Humanity

Shame upon humanity,
Seguing to the worst form.
With their debilitated character.
Are moribund of existence.

Grime on thy face,
For thy hard service.
Rendered not for society
But for thy own benefits.

Symphony of enjoyment.
Symphony of dolour.
Acme awarded to undeserved.
Punishment awarded to innocence.

Covered thy face with corruption.
Diversity and secularism thus lost.
Covered thy face with greed.
Heart for humanity thus lost.


Hemant Khurana

shame on this dirty, mean, selfish and materialistic world


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