Cheaters never win, and although the temptation might seem like a great idea, you will be caught in the end. What I cant grasp about “cheating” is why do people do it? If you feel the need to physically be with everyone then just end your relationship because every body is going to be hurt. If you are in a relationship with someone and you lose feelings for them just end it. I’d say it’s far better to end your relationship because your heart wasn’t in it anymore, rather than stringing someone alone, causing them pain and above all, tarnishing your reputation because people talk, so rest assured the word will be spread faster than peanut butter on bread.

( I often hear, “ oh baby I love you, I only cheated because you never answered my calls, never gave me comments on my profile, I love you more than my life but will not share my real photo with you, you do not give me time, you do not chat with me on internet or call me on phone, I loved you a lot  before but …….I was alone, I needed you but you wern’t there  so I accepted his love etc etc)

I don’t agree with what cheaters do, I understand that love is a strong thing, but I don’t think cheaters should be given a second chance. If they did that once, who knows how many times they’ll do that again. Also, if they really loved you they wouldn’t cheat because you would be enough for them. Furthermore, if you do end up forgiving the person you’ll end up always doubting them, and not trusting them. Every time they go out you’ll be wondering, “ I wonder if she is with another person, I wonder if she lied about where they went” and so many other things along the same line, so in the end is it worth going back to a cheater?


2 comments on “INFIDELITY !

  1. not agreed……….we r all human beings…. so making mistakes is our nature,but it depends on ur heart can u forgive or now………… but then ,how can u forgive if u dont forget???????? and our mind doesnt have a delete reent history option……… but yes if u truly love someone,u can always giv a second chance,,,caus suffering for ur loves happines is true love …


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