Questions we should ask ourself each day

How deep is my love, My love is as endless........

~Questions to Ask Ourself~

Time elapses into another age
constantly changing as the tide.
Full force time moves onward
taking us for a forever ride.

Doesn’t wait to get things right
or until we are rich in men’s eyes.
Today is the day we must do our best
seeking for higher and best prize.

How did we treat neighbors and friends
what are we doing, what have we done?
When we stand before God’s judgment seat
will He ask what we think about His son?

How will we answer questions He has raised
did we spend all our time on earth in vain?
Did we hoard our many treasures upon earth
or spend it all foolishly like it was fallen rain?

Did we help others in need laying by the wayside
did we use money to make life easier for someone?
Did we throw away our time seeking pleasures
using our energy just to have ourself some fun?

Lots of questions we can now ask ourself each day
as hard times seem to be knocking on our doors.
Are we where we are because we left God outside
as people lose jobs and price of necessities soars?

Are we in denial to the truths set before us now
do we bury our heads in the sand hiding our face?
Do we feel any shame or any blame over what is
and do we take any part in this world’s disgrace?



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