~Butterfly, Butterfly Come home with me~

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~Butterfly, Butterfly Come home with me~

Butterfly, butterfly, flying high in the sky
Come home with me, teach me to fly
I love your color, rainbow hue
Is that where you live
With cherubs and the angels sweet
In streets of gold
Where beauty meets

Butterfly, butterfly, come home with me
Tell me stories of heavenly,
So I can be free
I want a life as free as you
Where only God will tell us what to do

Butterfly, butterfly, in star light
How very beautiful you are tonight
May I pray for dreams to come true
You bring love to every one you meet
Come home to me, be my friend too

I want to dance with you in God’s moonlight
Fly high with wings into the light
Where it is safe forevermore
We will sing and never cry
As God’s forever butterflies



2 comments on “~Butterfly, Butterfly Come home with me~

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