A Short Confession by Me !

A Short Confession by Me !


A few days back I had decided to delete this webpage forever !!


Yes, I wanted to get rid of all this that I had created with so much of love, coz it was associated with someone who made the worst wounds on my heart and on my soul, they gave me inflictions that are lifelong, they ruined my life, destroyed it , by their lie’s & infidelity, & they did it again and again.

Kept on playing with my heart, my feelings, to a verge where I just felt that now nothing’s left in my life.


But, thanks to you all, thanks to all the beautiful comments & mails that I got from you

(Viewers of my webpage)

Thanks to all the visitors & the subscribers of my webpage, from you, I got a moral support,

It is you people who made  me feel that all this that I am doing has some worth,you made me feel that  there are people who care about my feelings and admire them and that is all what I ever wished for , I thank you all from the deepest bottom of my heart !


Thankyou very very much

God bless ya all.

With lots of love

Hemant Khurana ( Happy)


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