Stop fighting on the name of religion.

These thoughts are totally mine , i do not intend to pose my thoughts on you but before you start reading ,

just leave your religion behind till i finish my say.


Start thinking


Just leave the discussion on religion and do not trying to state that my religion is Supreme & even if someone does this – Can’t be counted as  wise man. Because at very first step he forgot the basis of religion & its significance.


Religion is a cultural system that creates powerful and long-lasting meaning by establishing symbols that relate humanity to beliefs and values.The word religion is sometimes used interchangeably with faith or belief system.


Anyone be it a Hindu , Muslim , Sikh , Christian or any person from any other religion should have their religious basic values intact , should learn about their religion once at-least and at the same place a feeling of respect should be evolve for other people who follow different religion.


=> A person said – Allah had sent Adam(PB UH) & Hawa (PB UH) to practise Islam on earth and he send many prophets after Adam to show the right path.A simple question – How did you came to know that ? I am sure you wont have saw them , right Buddy. Wait….


=> Now the same question goes to Hindu’s – Mahabharata and Ramayana are the epics which where written before Islams evolution.How do we know that , we personally didn’t existed , How did we know about this , someone might have told you right ?


So how do we both know two different things ?


We know there is one Sun , we know there is one Moon , everybody is on the same page but when it comes to follow religions why we have several thoughts?


For a simple reason because we all follow some books where its written several different things, Just being very practical here , Nobody knows who has written all holy books of respective religions, you were told something by your parents , something from Guru’s , something from Madarsa’s (schools).Thats what we all follow.


A Kid’s story


When a kid takes birth, he wont know that he is Muslim or Hindu, am i correct ? he will have all the organs same as all human being carry when they land in earth , after they gain some sense of understanding, their parents tell them what to do & what not to, how to worship & how to worship. Suppose a kid takes birth in Hindu’s house and is been taken care by muslim parents or viceversa .. So what will happen to that poor kid, Its ultimately the “KARMA” { WORK } of the individual which leads him/her to good & bad path.This is just a word from Bhagwat Geeta.Religion is just the way to make ourselves better.

Nothing Matters at all , its your Karma which will benefit you.


Coming to the point on something real..


The actual war is not between Hindu’s & Muslims, One of the ironical and strange thing you would find that the two community with the largest population in the world are the most scared & cautious one. Who doesn’t know what Christians Missionaries do in Adivasi regions of India, I have seen people getting beaten up or by money forced to convert in Christianity,these are not just words which i cant deny, In Orissa itself the christian population is almost 3-4 times than what it was 5 years back.I personally have encountered many incident where some of my muslim chat friends told me to get converted,So both of these communities want their population to increase.If a male & women decide to marry and suppose both of them are from different religion & one of them being Muslim , i personally found that it is only the other person who is forced to change his/her religion , thats another fact. Hell lot of proofs exist. So Hindu’s , you are just caught in between all these.I never saw any hindu asking anyone to get converted atleast not in my Country India. Hindu’s are very peace loving ,only thing is – don’t hit them , they will never hit you back.


Who is Best ?


I have personally felt that Hindu’s don’t understand one thing, why Muslims are not a bit more open to new things, Cant they become a bit more open with their ideologies.This is also a belief. I agree many Hindu’s itself don’t know much about their religion and its a bit complex religion. But we don’t follow something for the sake of being written in the holy book.


We are not perfect and we say it and so is every religion which pretends to be perfect. Perfection is just an illusion….


Can you measure or quantify the amount of feelings or the love of human being for God they worship ? Offcourse not.


Now people who keep on saying that we were evolved first and you came after that , are just doing another mistake like their counter parts do. is it gonna make any difference that who evolved first, keeping beating the same line wont erase corruption , human evils, poor people etc etc.


Hindu’s – Are we perfect ?


Are we really doing our best to save our culture , our ethics , our values , A BIG NO .


=> How many kids in today’s generation read ShreeBhagwad Gita , How many Brahmins are really Brahmins (most of them eat non-veg)? , the thekedaar of hinduism who gets ignited when there is interfernce in their religious sentiments , do they have any responsibility towards the hindu woman who are being harrased on the streets , villages , cities across our country?


=> We say COW is our mother , its the hindu’s who sell cow’s to muslim’s to get them butchered. We worship so many goddess , do we really respect them ? They all stare with bad hought at passing girls & women. Correct ? (It might not be correct for all of you) . Where are Hindu religious leaders when there is mass killing girl child.


=> We also say – Kand kand me bhagwan hai ,God resides in every single object ,  you remember the story of Hiranyakashyap & Prahlad , Prahlad challanged hiranyakashyap on this , God helped him because he had faith in god , not because he was fighting with Hiranyakashyap that who is best.He was followig his Karma.


=> We say Dharti Maiya , Mother earth , did we gave her the respect she deserved , does this not comes under Hinduism?


=> How many hindu kid’s want to keep their parents with them after they start living their lives.Although everyone have heared about Lord Ganesha & Karthikeyan story – When they were fighting who is better , then God Shankar & Parwati (parents) asked them to complete a circle of the univerese , whoever does first , is the winner. Karthikeyan flew with his Peacock , however Ganesh revolved around his parents & won & so before every puja we take the name – Shree Ganeshaya namah..


You would be thinking – Why am i saying all that – when we say we follow so and so religion , it teaches many things , why don’t people follow that.So its not about religion , its about being human , its about respecting your parents , its about helping people.



If everyone of us would have followed our religion properly , India would have surely seen Raam Rajya but thats not the case , we are trying to find faults in others , the moment we do that , we never look into our mistakes & so would never be able to correct ourselves.


Its all about belief………


Helping the Poor is above all religious feeling. Going to Mosque or sitting in a temple doesn’t mean that this person is lovable to God and God will help him out in every circumstances. Look at corrupt politicians who never get caught , they all go to temples & mosques.


I am a very religious person but i belief its ultimately my work which will lead me , my family & my religion to feel proud.For me God is one source of energy that helps you overcome dificult situation you encounter in your life.Its not a subject of fight.






The moment we say I am the Best this looks rude at a place where many people want to live together, So why not to say , buddy we both have some imperfections, lets respect each other’s belief & make ourselves better by being bit more practical and generous.


Stop fighting on the name of religion.

God is One !! Love is God & God is Love !! Help ever Hurt Never !! Help ever Hurt Never !!


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