King Harichandra : Indian Mythology Stories

King Harichandra : Indian Mythology Stories

King Harichandra was the ruler of Ayodhya.He was very straight forward, god fearing and a noble king.His wife name was Taramati and he had a son name rohit.

One day sage vishwamitra appeared in his dream and the king donated his kingdom in the dream at the request of sage vishwamitra.

The king was surprised to see early in the morning in his palace and asked the king to ful fill his donation.The king had no time to consult any body and due to his straight forwardness to truth, agree to vacate the palace to fulfill his vow.

Vishwamitra was not satisfied with the gift and asked the king to give some amount as dhakshana to give full effect to the gift.Harichandra promised through his labour and hand over the amount as dhakshana to vishwamitra as early as possible.Before this even took place, there was a big debate in the court of indra and they wanted to know which king on earth was most powerful, generous and honest.

All the people in the assembly said that King Harichandrea of Ayodhya was the only man to fulfill all the conditions.

There was an arguement between sage vashista who was his kula guru and sage vishwamitra about the choice.Vishwamitra said that unless tested king Harichandra he would not agree to the decision of the court.He wanted to find out whether king Harichandra keeps his promise or not.Therefore he appeared in the dream of king and asked for donation of his kingdom and all of his property.King Harichandra with his wife Taramati went to kasi and stood in the market for auctioning self, wife and son.

One person took his wife and son for domestic work after paying the bidding amount to king Harichandra.

Then a state government watchman of a symmentry came and purchased Harichandra after successfully bidding for him.In the mean while vishwamitra was giving him trouble from time to time to see whether the king was straying from the path of truth and straight forwardness.Queen Taramati was also subjected to ill treatment and neglected.Her son Rohit was not spared by sage vishwamitra from harassement.

One day when Rohit was playing in the garden near by a snake was asked to bite Rohit and caused his death.

When some children who were playing with Rohit saw this they at once went to his mother and informed her about the death of her son.

Crest fallen, crying and bemoaning her bad luck, she carried the dead body of her son to the symmetry and tried to burn him without paying funeral charges to her husband who was in charge of symmetry and collector of recovery charges.
When he heard the footsteps of human being in the symmetry, in the night, he came rushing down to the place where his son’s body were kept for funeral.Since it was dark, he could not identify his wife and did not know that his own son was dead.When he realised the truth he was shocked beyond his belief that such a misfortune can happen to him.

Since he was unable to pay the cess, he asked his wife to keep her head down so that he could kill her for not paying the taxes.His wife obliged duly and he took a sword in his hands to severe her head.He took a mighty swing and came down heavily one her to cut her neck on her body.

Suddenly his hand was held by some body and as he looked back, he was surprised to see his hand held back firmly by Lord Vishnu.He atonce felt at the feet of lord and asked him to give strength to overcome sufferings.

Lord Vishnu blessed young Rohit and due to his grace, Rohit came back to life.Wife Taramati was also over joyed to see her son alive again.King Harichandra was happy to meet again his wife and son.

He went back to Ayodhya with wife and son and met vishwamitra to handover dakshanya to him. The sage instead handed over the kingdom and other property to king Harichandra and praised him profusly for bearing misfortune with devotion and dignity.King Harichandra lived several years after coming back to palace.His public were happy and prosperous.There was no disease in his kingdom.


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