Dhurva : Indian Mythology Stories



Once upon a time there was a king called Uttampal.He had two wives.One was favourite and another was non favourite. His first wife son was called Dhurva.

One day he came running to his father and asked “Father can I sit on your lap?” to which the King replied “Oh, Yes my boy!” and Dhurva sat on his lap.In the mean while second son also came to the palace and wanted to sit on his father’s lap.

The king’s second wife followed her son and saw Dhurva sitting on his father’s lap which infuritated her.She pulled out Dhurva and asked her son to sit on the lap of the King.

Dhurva started crying and went to his mother and narrated the story.

His mother consoled her son and bemoaned her bad luck for being king’s unwanted wife.Dhurva asked her remedy to change their fortune.She told him that only Lord Vishnu would provided him wealth and welfare.

When dhurva questioned her as to where he should find Vishnu, she advised him to do severe penace in the deep forest for several years with utmost concentration, bhakthi and straight forwardness.

Dhurva went into jungle to find Lord Vishnu.There he met Narada muni who asked him to penace to get the dharshan of Lord Vishnu. Dhurva followed Narada’s advise and started severe penace.After many years of hard and stearn penace like living on water, air and standing on water and was finally blessed by Lord Vishnu’s dharshan .

Dhurva was thrilled to see the Lord in person.Vishnu asked him to ask any boon that he cherished most.

Dhurva who was always worried about his mother’s condition asked the lord to make his mother favourite of the king and love and affection from his father.

Lord Vishnu was pleased very much about the boy’s simplicitity and affection for his mother.After granting the boon, Lord Vishnu blessed the boy and vanished.

Dhurva reached home with pomp and fanfare.people lined up both sides of the road to see him in person.

The king welcomed Dhurva with a warm hug and took him to his mother who had become favourite with the kings.

In due course the king made Dhurva new king of the kingdom and went away to forest for good.Dhurva ruled the country for several years and finally went to heaven where he was made a shining north star permanently. Thanks to Lord vishnu’s boon.

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