Bhaktha Prahalada : Indian Mythology Stories

 Bhaktha Prahalada : Indian Mythology Stories


Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasapu were demon brothers.Lord vishnu had killed Hiranyaksha in his Varaha avatar.Hence Hiranyakasapu hated Lord vishnu very much.He put all rishi and munis and harass them to take revenge on Lord vishnu as they were chanting his names all the time.

He destroyed all the yagas conducted in his kingdom so that nobody could perform the puja instead he ordered the people to worship him like God.Who ever refused to worship him were whipped by a leash.

Since he was the lord of three world he meted out the same treatments to Gods also.All the prominent Gods were under the control of Hiranyakasapu and he used to order them to obey them.

Unable to bear the humilations from him, all Gods first went to Lord Brahma and sought protection from him.Even Lord Brahma was unable to mitigate the sufferings of other Gods.Hence he too went with them to Lord Vishnu and narrated in detail the evil acts of Hiranyakasapu on heaven and earth.

After listening to them patiently Lord Vishnu promised them to take one more avatar to kill Hiranyakasapu.

Hiranyakasapu’s wife gave birth to a male baby who was the greate devotee of Lord vishnu and was an enlightened person.It is said that when Narada was singing the glory of Lord Vishnu, when his mother was carrying the child in her womb, he was listening the story from inside and was also nodding to the story told to his mother by Narada.

When prahalada grew up, he was initiated in to a school called gurukal for studying vedas and other subjects to gain knowledge in the world.

When ever chance permitted prahalada used to sing the glory of Lord Vishnu and was encouraging other boys also to sing with him instead of praising his father.The teachers carried the tales to Hiranyakasapu about prahalada’s chantings in their absence.

Hence Hiranyakasapu decided to punish young child prahalada for disobeying his instructions.

He also started illtreating his own son by not providing him food and water etc and putting him in solitary confimenment.However prahalada refused to give up prayer to lord Vishnu.

Hiranyakasapu was very much worried man and asked his soldiers to put him in frying pan with boiling oil but nothing happened to him to the greats of lord vishnu.

Then Hiranyakasapu asked his soldiers to throw him from the hill.Even then prahalada escaped death by the grace of lord vishnu.As a last resort he asked his people to pour poison in milk and give it to him for drinking.However he survived this attempt also due to the grace of God.

Out of frustations and desperations he asked prahalada where is his God?
prahalada said that lord is everywhere.Then Hiranyakasapu with mace in his hand asked prahalada whether the lord was there in the pillar.

prahalada said yes and to test him Hiranyakasapu slammed his mace in to the pillar with force. When the pillar collapsed a miracle happened.Lord vishnu with half body of lion and half body of man emerged from the pillar with a big roar.He chased Hiranyakasapu took him into his lap and tored his body with his bare hands and with sharp fingers of a lion.It was neither evening nor night, neither inside the palace nor outside the palace and most importantly it was neither by a man nor an animal.He had obtained such a boon from Lord Brahma to avoid death from any body.

But Lord Vishnu was clever enough to fulfill all the three conditions and yet killed the demon Hiranyakasapu to free people from his clutch and also freed all the Gods from his hold.

Bhaktha prahalada was immensely pleased to see the lord in person and sang his glories as a true devotee.Lord vishnu made him the king and after being pacified by prahalada went back to heaven with his wife lakshmi.Prahalada ruled the country for many years and was known as chief devotee of lord Vishnu.


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