A Woman


What a woman that exists on earth!
A rose to make the world beautiful
Or of its fragrance to increase mirth,
Or creation for her is being ‘dutiful’?

All women are not like the red rose
Brighter than gold as some of them pose
Why don’t the mind and heart they expose,
Which is for the wise an ample dose?

The moon, stars and the sun in the sky
How fascinating looks do it bear
They enthrall and inspire to fly
Them with intense urgent urge to gear.

A pulpy, juicy, tasty fruit tree
Everyone wants in one’s life to scale
Someone bruises while some others get free
Means make merry, healthy wealthy wail.

Neither beauty nor knowledge does count,
A woman’s body has great power,
All kind of heroes she can surmount
Boasts of His skill for this vibrant bower.

Many subtle forms, various vital roles
All of them do not stand in her form
Cause of frailty or vision breaks scrolls
Can standard bureau measure conform?

Like goddess people keep in their houses
May shower blessings or make it hell!
Leads families and wins love as spouses
Base of the live lives and enjoy it well.


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