Happy Mother’s Day, I love you Mom!I Miss you Mom :(

A Mother never says goodbye
For she is our heartbeat deep within,
We loved her, she loved us
Before time could begin.
A Mother wafts in a fragrance sweet
In the beauty of a new day or colors in a room,
The fun of life or chocolate flavored dreams
And the gentle face upon the moon.
She is in the wrapping of a cookie packet
The movement of our hand at will,
The turn of our cheeky smile, the way we walk
A caterpillar crawling on our window sill.
We see her as we gaze into the sky
Watching the shape of clouds scudding by,
Can’t we hear her when we chuckle
Her thoughts embedded deep inside.
And when we speak, oh there she is
In every word and song and rhyme,
Our mother can never ever die
When she’s in us for all time.
“Youth fades; love droops, the leaves of friendship fall;
A mother’s secret hope outlives them all.”
Richer than Gold
You may have tangible wealth untold;
Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.
Richer than I you can never be —
I had a mother who read to me

To Mom

Mom, you know it’s hard for me
to find the right words to say
But I’m going to try to Mom
today and every day.
You never knew I noticed
the hard work that you do
You thought I took for granted
the hugs and I Love You’s.

I was storing them in my heart Mom,
such lovely memories
From homemade bread from a big wood
stove… to reading me stories.
I bring you flowers and candy Mom,
but it can never compare

To the love you have given me all these
years….you were Always there!

Happy Mother’s Day,
I love you Mom!

A Man Once Asked  GOD [saw]

To Whom He Should Show The Most Kindness.


GOD  Replied:


” Your Mother “



” Your Mother “



” Your Mother “


And Then

“Your Father.”

“Heaven Lies BeneathThe Feet Of Your Mother ”


What is The Big Deal About Mothers Anyway?


Well Let’s See…

She Carried You in Her Womb For Nine Months.


Then She Gave You Birth Which is The Most Painful Thing Ever!


She Stayed Up For You All Night.


She Looked After You When You Were Sick.


She Loved You Endlessly.


She Nurtured You.


When The World Turned its Back On You,


She Was The Only Person There To Support You.


You Have To Do Nothing To Gain Her Love And Affection Because Her Love And Affection is Always There No Matter What.


Free Of Cost !


She Scolds You Because She Loves You And Wants The Best For You.


She is Always Trying To Protect You And That’s Why She Doesn’t Want You To Be Out Late At Night.


That’s Why She Doesn’t Want You To Hang Out With Certain Types Of People.


If You Think About it, it All Makes Sense.


You Say She Doesn’t Understand.


Well Then…




Talk To Her And Make Her Feel Loved As Well.


After All She Has Done For You,


She Deserves it!


One Thing You Can Always Be Sure Of is That Your Mother Will Be The Best Friend You Will Ever Have.


She Will Be Honest And Sincere.


She Will Not Expect Anything From You in Return For The Friendship

Just Your Love And Your Smiles.


When You Think You Have Grown Up,


You Think You Know The inside Outs Of Life,


You Really Don’t !


That is Why Your Mother Wants To Know What is Happening in Your Life.


She Doesn’t Mean To intrude.


Rather She Wants To Be A Part Of Your Life…

Again. To Be Your Guide,


To Be Your Mentor.


Instead Of Telling Her Off,


include Her in Your Life,


And Trust Me You Will Learn A Lot From Her!


You Will Come To Realize That You Have A Lot in Common With Your Mother.


From There You Can Start A Beautiful Relationship That Will Last A Lifetime And Beyond Insha’Allah!


Each Of Us Should Appreciate What We Have in Our Mothers.


They Are Our Teachers And Our Role Models.


Every Day With Them is An Opportunity To Grow As A Person.


Every Day Away From Them is A Missed Opportunity.

i miss you very much Mumm 😥


You see the immensity of the sea,  the infinite sky,  the stars shine,  the beauty of the moon?  So is my love for you!!!

(I loved my mother very much, My mother was my god, she was my happiness but she left me forever, Two years agao My mother died due to breast cancer and I just can not get rid of it, she was just 48 everything seems to be so bad I have lost my happiness)

This photo was taken on 8th Dec, I guess it is about five year old, it was the marraige anniversary of my Mother and father, the two little girls are my sisters they are dressed like some comic character as they were to perform a comedy show for my parents) 

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I called my mother, Mumma
Here is how Mom is called in different language,
please add yours….
Afrikaans – Moeder, Ma
Albanian – Nënë, Mëmë
Arabic – Ahm, umm
Aragones – Mai
Asturian – Ma
Aymara – Taica
Azeri (Latin Script) – Ana
Basque – Ama
Belarusan -Matka
Bergamasco – Màder
Bolognese – Mèder
Bosnian- Majka
Brazilian Portuguese- Mãe
Bresciano- Madèr
Breton – Mamm
Bulgarian – Majka
Byelorussian – Macii
Calabrese – Matre, Mamma
Caló – Bata, Dai
Catalan – Mare
Cebuano – Inahan, Nanay
Chechen – Nana
Croatian- Mati, Majka
Czech- Abatyse
Danish – Mor
Dutch – Moeder, Moer
Dzoratâi – Mére
English- Mother, Mama, Mom
Esperanto- Patrino, Panjo
Estonian- Ema
Faeroese- Móðir
Finnish- Äiti
Flemish- Moeder
French- Mère, Maman
Frisian- Emo, Emä, Kantaäiti, Äiti
Furlan- Mari
Galician- Nai
German – Mutter
Greek – Màna
Griko – Salentino, Mána
Hawaiian – Makuahine
Hindi – Ma, Maji, Mata
Hungarian – Anya, Fu
Icelandic – Móðir
Ilongo – Iloy, Nanay, Nay
Indonesian – Induk, Ibu, Biang, Nyokap
Irish – Máthair
Italian – Madre, Mamma
Japanese – Okaasan, Haha
Judeo Spanish- Madre
Kannada -Amma
Kurdish Kurmanji – Daya
Ladino – Uma
Latin – Mater
Leonese – Mai
Ligurian- Maire
Limburgian – Moder, Mojer, Mam
Lingala- Mama
Lithuanian- Motina
Lombardo- Occidentale Madar
Lunfardo- Vieja
Macedonian – Majka
Malagasy- Reny
Malay- Emak
Maltese- Omm
Mantuan- Madar
Maori- Ewe, Haakui
Mapunzugun – Ñuke, Ñuque
Marathi – Aayi
Mongolian – `eh
Mudnés- Medra, mama
Neapolitan – Mamma
Norwegian- Madre
Occitan – Maire
Old Greek – Mytyr
Parmigiano- Mädra
Persian- Madr, Maman
Piemontese – Mare
Polish- Matka, Mama
Portuguese – Mãe
Punjabi – Mai, Mataji, Pabo
Quechua- Mama
Rapanui -Matu’a Vahine
Reggiano – Mèdra
Romagnolo – Mèder
Romanian – Mama, Maica
Romansh – Mamma
Russian -Mat’
Saami -Eadni
Samoan – Tina
Sardinian- (Limba Sarda Unificada) Mama
Sardinian -Campidanesu mamai
Sardinian- Logudoresu Madre, Mamma
Serbian – Majka
Shona – Amai
Sicilian – Matri
Slovak – Mama, Matka
Slovenian- Máti
Spanish – Madre, Mamá, Mami
Swahili– Mama, Mzazi, Mzaa
Swedish Mamma, Mor, Morsa
Swiss German -Mueter
Telegu- Amma
Triestino – Mare
Turkish – Anne, Ana, Valide
Turkmen -Eje
Ukrainian – Mati
Urdu -Ammee, Maa, Amma
Valencian – Mare
Venetian – Mare
Viestano – Mamm’
Vietnamese- me
Wallon -Mére
Welsh – Mam
Yiddish -Muter
Zeneize -Moæ

Mother’s Blessing

Mom, you’ve been a blessing
In my life along the years
You comfort me with tender hugs
You’ve wiped away my tears

You’ve guided me in faith,
You’re an angel from above
You’ve made my life more meaningful
By showing how to love

If I had just one prayer
I would hope that I could see
How to be the parent
You have been to me

Happy Mother’s Day,
I love you Mom !

We have never seen HIM…,
but what is the need for this?
O Mother, O Mother, how different
can HIS face be from your own? Why talk of mere humans, even Gods
have grown up in your bosom
Heaven is nowhere but on Earth,
right under the shadow of your feet!
The affection that emanates from your eyes,
Which Idol can take its place?
O Mother … Why would the heat of suffering burn me?
Why would storms of sorrow affect me?
These hands which raise to prayer of yours
Come and rest permanently on my head
When you are my guide in the dark roads of life,
What would I even need the Sun for?
O Mother … It is said that no words suffice
to describe your greatness
Even God does not have enough wealth
that constitutes your price
All I know is that, in this World
There is no fortune that exceeds YOU!
O Mother …

6 comments on “Happy Mother’s Day, I love you Mom!I Miss you Mom :(

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  2. I am not sure where you’re obtaining your information, but excellent topic. I have to spend an afternoon studying much more or understanding more. Thanks for remarkable knowledge I was looking for this kind of info for my mission.


  3. God I am really very very very very angry with you for what you did with my mother & I will never forgive you for that, never will I forgive you god… you are god, you can do anything with me but I will never forgive you, never, never, forgive you for the pain you gave to my mother !!!


  4. It kills you to see someone you love so much, in pain & suffering so very much, it is the worst feeling, its a shame that being a son you are so helpless that you can not do anything to ease the pain of a person who sacrificed almost everything just for your happiness, she bear so much of pain for me, so much of sufferings, still there is nothing that you can do….!! nothing at all.!! oh god never let any son see their mother in so much of pain, never, & please take care of my mother up there in heaven.


  5. We shall never have such a celebration as my mother left us forever, she died a year & half ago, due to breast cancer she was 48, My mother was my god, she was my teacher, my inspiration & my everything, she was the one who showed me the meaning of true love as her love for me was the truest, greatest & most valuable for me in this whole world.. I pray to god that he never ever let any child to see their mother in so much pain & suffering the way I saw my mother & it kills that you can not do anything:'(


  6. The family photo in this post is about 5year old, it is me, my god my mother, my father & my two sisters, Sapna & Sonia, it was 8th december & it was my mom dads marraige anniversary, we could nt go out as it was raining heavily hence we celebrated at home, my sisters were dressed like some old Indian ladies ( Comic Characters) & they performed a comedy show for us, after which my mother could not stop laughing it was so funny, & now never again we shall have such celebration, never again 😥


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