Help Me Lord

Help Me Lord

Help me, Lord, that I should know
The way You would have me to go. 

Lead me on life’s stormy sea
Through all the trials that be.

Give me strength that I may not fail
When I am weak and my ship has no sail.

Guide me through the stormy blast.
Give me courage while life shall last.

Lord, my life belongs to thee
Give me faith to stand for thee.

Lead me when trails are rough and steep
And through waters that are turbid and deep.

Lord, always stay near my side
When trouble comes be thou my guide.

     Lord,I know Your ways are true
In things you speak and deeds You do.

Keep me, Lord, while life does last
Let my feet not stray from Your path.

Give me a light to lead me home
That in this world of darkness I may cease to roam.

Thank You, Lord, for the guidance given
And the narrow road that leads to Heaven.


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