The Beauty Of Love

The Beauty Of Love

You are the beauty of love to me.
Inside the woman, you see the girl I need to be,
Even though we have talked just a short time
I believe The Creator gave you a special gift.

For with your heart, you know me,
Through my soul I now love the man in you,
So I ask never to let me go
For I keep you inside my very heart and soul.

I will never lie or hurt, how can I
When you see the beauty of love
Which lives within, time and space never ends,
Your eyes are not blind
and you are also gentle and kind.

I have looked for you all my life,
The Creator found just who I need.
It was this gift of you, given to me
The beauty of love is so wonderful and new
My eyes shine when I think of you.

I want this feeling never to leave,
In my life you are part of me,
Together we make each other one
Beneath God’s blue sky and bright sun.
I never want to lose you, in this world we know.
Love’s beauty we have is eternal,
I want you to be my great love
Forever true, my life is yours,
With love, from me to you


I Love You…

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