2 comments on “Unbelievable Friendship

  1. As a frequent flyer Delta, I have been an avid reader of Michael Konik’s golf writing for more years than I care to admit. I’m a fan. He writes with a lot of passion and sentimentality for the great game of golf. He’s at the same time also very funny and dry when he has to be. I appreciate Konik’s style, which stands out from the mainstream golf writing. However, even though I own his other golf book about caddying for Jack Nicklaus I was somewhat unprepared for "In Search of Burning Bush." To say this a "great" book is not doing it justice. This is THE book that captures exactly why golf makes a difference in my life. As soon as I finished it and caught my breath, I gave it to my wife and said, "If you read this book you’ll understand."I have already written a personal note to Mr. Konik to express my appreciation for his honesty and his eloquence. I am rephrasing some of it here because I truly believe anyone who cares about golf will feel grateful that he read "In Search of Burning Bush." I know many people from the Shivas Irons Society will consider what I’m going to say offensive, but I’ve got to be honest. Konik’s books, which is based on "Golf in the Kingdom," is far superior to the original. The emotions in "In Search of" are much deeper, and more powerful. It’s very real. I came away feeling like I knew the author and his friend Don like they were old family members without any secrets.Don is very eccentric and likable character. I would love to play a round with him or just talk golf. As he’s described in the book, Don is a very inspiring guy who doesn’t let his physical ailments get inthe way of his love for golf.On a side note, if you have ever played golf in Scotland you will find yourself saying "yes!" when you read the descriptions of what golf is like over there compared to America. Excellent descriptions that really capture the spirit of Scottish links golf vs. American park golf.I expected Michael Konik’s next golf book to be good. However, I was unprepared for it to be so powerful and so effective.I can’t recommend any book I’ve read in the last year any more highly.


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