I Am Sorry – Inspirational Story

If you believe in God, don’t worry God is mercifull

I Am Sorry But what if is too late?
Story of a Short Tempered Boy

One Nice Day, Father took him at a peaceful place near countryside.
and gave him total 100 Nails
along with
A Beautiful Soap
father told him, “ my son, every time you feel anger, put one nail in this beautiful soap”
Boy understood his father and started doing this. Watch other and download all from
He finished all nails in a week
no improvements BUT
father then asked him, Son, now every time you manage controlling your anger, take one nail from the soap.
boy then managed to control his anger most of the times and took all nails from the soap in 15 days… that’s the achievement, father replied
Now, father took him again to that peaceful place and explained him a theory – which says…
“ in anger, you speak too much that yourself you don’t realize – but later, the moment you realize it, you come and say SORRY
words spoken in anger are more like these nails in the soap, if you even take these out of soap – the will never be like it was earlier” You need to understand that, one should always shut his mouth in anger.
message of the story It’s good that we realize to say sorry – but think for a moment “ Can the hurt be undo?”

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