God Wants To Talk to You!

God Wants To Talk to You!  



God wants to communicate with you.
It is no accident that you are here.
This is a special moment in time.
God has been calling you for a long time.
God planted a seed inside of you
a long time ago and you can feel this seed
awakening as you read these words.
When you were a child there was probably a moment
when God spoke to you and you knew it was God.
You felt God’s call, but you didn’t know what to do.
You have always known you were going to do something important,
but you didn’t know what it was.
Now you will find out God’s plan for your life.

Growing up you tried to communicate with God,
but you kept missing something.
You learned how to pray and ask God for things,
but you didn’t know how to listen for God’s voice.
God is speaking to you now in a tender
thought process inside of your mind.

You can stop reading if you want to.
That’s what evil wants you to do.
Evil doesn’t want you to get close to God.
Evil wants you isolated from everybody.
Evil wants you to think that there is no God,
or if there is a God, God is mad at you.
But if God were mad at you,
you wouldn’t be feeling excited to read on.

You may have sought God in a religion,
book or person but you ended up feeling frustrated.
That seed God planted never awakened.
God’s presence seemed to elude you.
But still from time to time
you could feel God touch your heart.
Somehow you knew God loved you.



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