The value of small things

The value of small things

Learn to listen to the voice of things, facts, and see how it speaks,
as it communicates with you.
In each unkindness, a killer little ones who love me.
In each inattention, I’m neither polite nor Christian.
In every look of contempt, hurt someone ends.
In every gesture of impatience, I give a slap in the invisible around me.
In each I deny forgiveness goes a piece of my selfishness.
In each resentment, reveal my self-respect injured.
In every word I say rough, I lost some points in the sky.
In each omission that practice, a tear sheet of the gospel.
In every handout I deny a poor person moves away sadder.
In every prayer we don’t, I beg.
In each trial mean, stingy if my hand touches.
In each gossip that I do sin against the silence.
In each wipe away tears that make someone more happy!
In each act of faith, I sing a hymn to life.
In every smile that I scatter, I plant some hope.
In each thorn that clove, some heart hurt.
In each thorn that hitch, someone kiss my hand.
In every rose that I offer, the angels say: Amen!
We are all angels with only one wing.
And we can fly only when “embraced each other. “

with Love
Hemant Khurana(Happy)

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