” ” Greatness Of Mother ” “

” ” Greatness Of Mother ” “

A Man Once Asked  GOD [saw]

To Whom He Should Show The Most Kindness.

GOD  Replied:

” Your Mother ”


” Your Mother “


” Your Mother “

And Then

“Your Father.”

“Heaven Lies BeneathThe Feet Of Your Mother ”

What is The Big Deal About Mothers Anyway?

Well Let’s See…

She Carried You in Her Womb For Nine Months.

Then She Gave You Birth Which is The Most Painful Thing Ever!

She Stayed Up For You All Night.

She Looked After You When You Were Sick.

She Loved You Endlessly.

She Nurtured You.

When The World Turned its Back On You,

She Was The Only Person There To Support You.

You Have To Do Nothing To Gain Her Love And Affection Because Her Love And Affection is Always There No Matter What.

Free Of Cost !

She Scolds You Because She Loves You And Wants The Best For You.

She is Always Trying To Protect You And That’s Why She Doesn’t Want You To Be Out Late At Night.

That’s Why She Doesn’t Want You To Hang Out With Certain Types Of People.

If You Think About it, it All Makes Sense.

You Say She Doesn’t Understand.

Well Then…


Talk To Her And Make Her Feel Loved As Well.

After All She Has Done For You,

She Deserves it!

One Thing You Can Always Be Sure Of is That Your Mother Will Be The Best Friend You Will Ever Have.

She Will Be Honest And Sincere.

She Will Not Expect Anything From You in Return For The Friendship

Just Your Love And Your Smiles.

When You Think You Have Grown Up,

You Think You Know The inside Outs Of Life,

You Really Don’t !

That is Why Your Mother Wants To Know What is Happening in Your Life.

She Doesn’t Mean To intrude.

Rather She Wants To Be A Part Of Your Life…

Again. To Be Your Guide,

To Be Your Mentor.

Instead Of Telling Her Off,

include Her in Your Life,

And Trust Me You Will Learn A Lot From Her!

You Will Come To Realize That You Have A Lot in Common With Your Mother.

From There You Can Start A Beautiful Relationship That Will Last A Lifetime And Beyond Insha’Allah!

Each Of Us Should Appreciate What We Have in Our Mothers.

They Are Our Teachers And Our Role Models.

Every Day With Them is An Opportunity To Grow As A Person.

Every Day Away From Them is A Missed Opportunity.

I love you Mumm

Happy 😦


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