1957. The first day of Dorothy

Counts at the Harry Harding High School in the United States . Counts was one of

the first black students admitted in the school, and she was no longer able to

stand the harassments after 4 days.

January 12, 1960. A second before

the Japanese Socialist Party leader Asanuma was murdered by an opponent student.

1963. Thich Quang Duc, the

Buddhist priest in Southern Vietnam , burns himself to death protesting the

government’s torture policy against priests. Thich Quang Dug never made a sound

or moved while he was burning.

1962. A soldier shot by a sniper

hangs onto a priest in his last moments.

1965. A mom and her children try

to cross the river in South Vietnam in an attempt to run away from the American


1966. U.S. troops in South Vietnam

are dragging a dead Vietkong soldier.

February 1, 1968. South Vietnam

police chief Nguyen Ngoc Loan shots a young man, whom he suspects to be a Viet

Kong soldier.

1972. After South Vietnam planes

accidentally drop a bomb on a town.

1973. A few seconds before Chile

‘s elected president Salvador Allende is dead during the coup.

1975. A woman and a girl falling

down after the fire escape collapses.

1980. A kid in Uganda about to die

of hunger, and a missionaire.

February 23, 1981. Colonel Molina

ve military police seizes the Parliament building in Spain . The photographer

did not expect the scene, and hid the films in his shoe

1982. Palestinian refugees

murdered in Beirut , Lebanon

1987. A mother in South Korea

apologizes and asks for forgiveness for his son who was arrested after attending

a protest. He was protesting the alleged manipulations in the general elections.

1989. A young man in China stands

before the tanks during protests for democratic reforms.

1992. A mother in Somalia holds

the body of her child who died of hunger.

1994. A man who was tortured by

the soldiers since he was suspected to have spoken with the Tutsi rebels

2001. An Afghani refugee kid’s

body is being prepared for the funeral in Pakistan .

2002. Soldiers and villagers in

IRan are digging graves for the victims of the earthquake. A kid holds his

father’s pants before he is buried.

2003. An Iraqi prisoner of war

tries to calm down his child.

Before we complain ever again, we should perhaps come back and re-look at this post. Stop complaining about the government’s involvement on Freddie and Fannae, stop complaining about the stock price, and stop complaining about our job. We are the lucky ones in the world.

“We cannot change what happened anymore. The only

thing we can do is to learn from the past and to realize

what discrimination and persecution of innocent people means.

I believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to fight prejudice.”

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten

we belong to each other.”

“If a man calls me a nigger, he is calling me something I am not. The nigger

exists only in his own mind; therefore his mind is the nigger. I must feel

sorry for such a man.”

“We may have different religions, different languages,

different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.

We all share the same basic values.”

“The only good that can come out of these nail bombs is

that they spur all of us, whatever race, age, creed or sexuality,

to work harder to build the one-world

“Hate is like a cancer. It doesn’t matter if you have a

little cancer or a lot of cancer – it’s still cancer!”

My heart aches for your hearts

That break. I shed tears for

The forgotten years—

The tortured monks and nuns–

For your people who suffer still

With no voice to teach

Your hopeless hungry young.

Only your elder’s tears

Speak of the deep sorrow

Of your lost lives, lost culture,

Your sacred Buddhist beliefs,

Your divine history that

Continues to be destroyed.

Even as your dead fall

You do not hate . . .

You only wish to liberate

Those loving souls who

Remain as strangers in their

Own beloved land.

I will be your voice

To join with other voices that


Will help you attain freedom.

Make the choice not to hate

Prejudice a word, that feels wrong– a feeling without rhyme or song..

A feeling felt by anyone–a feeling that cant be fun..

Prejudice simmers beneath the soul–embedding itself, making our bodies cruel and cold..

Its a whisper yelling in that weak ones ear–over powering positive thoughts, creating fear..

Telling us hating is just and right–and when the message becomes to real, we have to fight..

Before we know it, even the whispers, we start to feel–as the touch of hate becomes so real..

We start to hate those we don’t even know–as the negative of hate, even dims loves glow..

Hate comes in all shades of skin–its our choices, that keeps the hate with in..

Hate can steal one or a whole family–but love and God can help us see..

Its up to us to challenge that which feels wrong–our choices keeps us from weakness and going along..

Its a paranoia, a mental distrust of others–this prejudice thing can even make you hate your mother..

Its a blindness we allow ourselves, you and me–a hate that keeps us from being able to see..

From seeing the brightness of love glowing from others –that kind of love, that glows when we make a stranger a sister, a brother..

</span></span>Ive learned to give the heart time to feel–and when the time comes , youll know its real..

We have to deal with the consequences, your fate–please make the choice not to hate..

Harmonious Relations

Take notice of your hand.

Each finger moves separately.

Each finger is a different size,

Yet all belong to the same hand.

All nationalities may be seen as

Different fingers on the same hand.

Would you cut off a finger if

It looked different, felt different,

Or if it were scarred or ugly, or

Couldn’t move as well as the others?

If one finger is broken, the other

Fingers are gathered and may be

Joined together to support the

Broken finger so that it may heal.

I pray that one day I may see all our

Fingers well, working together and able

To move with each other in harmony.


Love for humanity should be as deep as the sea

But if you are afraid to get wet,

this understanding for you will bever be.

Peace and love 2 all mankind even when it hurts.

Another day goes by

Another week goes by

Another month goes by

All in the bat of an eye and I

Don’t think I’m dreaming

Cuz in my dreams I can fly…

But in this place there’s no peace

There’s no rest for the weary or strength for the weak

And you can call out for help

But they’re all fast asleep

Or half conscious

In a dreamless state

Where their days are made of hours

And their hours equal pay

They’ve forgotten how to live

And they’ve forgotten how to play

Forgotten that we used to call each tree by its name

They’ll stare you down like you’re different

Cuz they forget we’re all the same:

All one mind

All one god

All one brain…

And when I look in your eyes I see my own face

I see past all your addictions

And beyond your race

I look farther, deeper, into a sacred space

Where there’s only peace and grace

Your body is a vessel that was made to encase

The light that exists

Whether or not you admit it

You can choose worry and fear

Or you can be calm and sit

We’re all frustrated and weak

And sick of this shit

But you can dissolve all your problems with breath

You can inhale the truth ‘til there’s nothing else left

Watch the lies crumble and wonder

How the secret was kept

Hidden from sight

You have the power to turn the darkness to light

And you don’t have the option to give up in this fight

They say we can’t tell the difference

Between what’s wrong and what’s right

We need religion and government

And more menu choices

But when’s the last time you heard people raising their voices

In song or in prayer or in protest, for that matter?

Scream from your soul and this illusion will shatter!

I’m sick of being served death on a silver platter

And accepting it just because the presentation is nice

Sick of being a slave to addiction and vice

And I’m sick of this sorry excuse for a life!

I am through with being powerless and feeling weak

I’m unfolding this tapestry and my colors run deep

My dreams no longer bound

By the constraints of sleep…

This is liberation

Of the purest kind…

They said democracy was freedom…

But now we’re freeing our minds.

So many gods, so many creeds,

so many paths that wind and wind

while just the art of being kind

is all the sad world needs.

by  Hemant Khurana(Happy)

Help ever Hurt Never Love all serve all 😦

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