:~ Something Special for you…….

Friends come in all sizes


They will support you….


And respect your creativity

For thinking outside the box….


They’re there when you need a shoulder to lean on…


Or a great big hug….


A true friend takes interest in understanding what you’re all about….


They see beyond the black and white

To discover your true colors….



And accept you just the way you are…

Even when you just wake up in the morning




So make your own kind of music.


Follow your heart wherever it takes you….


And when someone reaches out to you,

Don’t be afraid to love them back….


They may just be a friend for life…

Practice patience and tolerance… ..

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave….

And impossible to forget!




with love

Hemant Khurana(Happy)


One comment on “:~ Something Special for you…….

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