Rise and Smile


This is you when no one is watching you. This is where your soul seeks refuge from the spotlight, attention, curiosity and urge others to be successful, here is where you relax and forget about it, that evil that you stab, who steals the peace and humiliates you. The bloody perfection. In this corner, hiding in that you recognize your shadow, after all how else can you get your fix on the light if not sheltering in shade? This is one of life’s certainties. Two sides, two sides, light and shadow, an eternal duality, there exists a binomial that somewhere inside you, although no defined limits where one begins and the other ends.


Pain, failures and mistakes are part of the natural history and production of the maturation process. There is no way to keep growing all the time trying to escape from suffering. We must face this monster, to resist their attacks, but against strike and then, with one cut, ripping his head mercilessly. And then serve it on a silver platter to his enemies.


Their existence here is a process whose outcome material of your body will result in death. But dying is not you, but what you “wore”. The aging of the skin, wear the bones, muscle fatigue, organ deterioration and gravity will undermining their strength and destroying their beauty. If you sailed on the route of appearances certainly his ship sink. Because the hull was weak and the wood rotted with time. The waves of this sea are hard on boats mediocre.


But if your ship is built more solidly anything sink. Are your conflicts that keeps the engines running, they are switching between your failures and your victories crew. And it’s you, the captain, who leads the boat across the helm of his consciousness.


This is you, alone, sick of this society that lives on the basis of prejudice, which is populated by minds that create their own version of reality according to the best-selling, with fashion, with the waves, with herds. This is you, those are they there, the dogs finally managed to bite his tail.



With all my true love,

Hemant Khurana(Happy)




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