His Eye is on The Sparrow

I saw a little sparrow on my tree branch
And how beautiful was one of God’s little creations.
I said, thank you Lord for allowing me to see,
He saw the little sparrow, and He watches over me.

Oh, I hear the sparrows singing
As they fly from tree to tree,
Their singing is so sweet to hear,
Our Heavenly Father sees them there.

Those little sparrows are so happy
God does care for each one,
He loves His creatures great and small,
He sees them each time they fall.

The little sparrows in the trees
Searching for food for their young,
Then they fly with loving wings,
Taking food to the young as they sing.

They just fly to the clouds so high
So worry free as they fly along,
As God protects the sparrow you see,
He surely watches over you and me.

When we think of little sparrows
Then we know our heavenly Father sees,
All our needs and wishes we ask for,
God will supply our every need.
Just like the little sparrows
From tree to tree gathering food,
So we thirst and hunger after God,
He is always there, for God is good!

During trials going through life
God will always guide our way,
He knows the heart and sees the hurt,
God will never let us go astray!

Each morning when I awake
I say thank you Lord, for this day,
Your blood alone atones for sin,
God’s loving arms enfolds me in!


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